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Theme design can be updated in two ways:

  • Manually
  • ;
  • Revert theme to original (quick).

In each of the updates in the Installer will indicate the type of update.

To update the design theme of the second way You need:

  1. Update it in Installer
  2. For EACH of application Site, Shop, Photos, Blog, Helpdesk, Hub do: go to Design - Appearance (for app Shop "Storefront - Appearance").
  3. At the right side click "Clone theme"
  4. In the original theme, which you used before, in "Design - Appearance" (for app Shop "Storefront - Appearance") click "Revert theme to original". Thus You cancel all changes which were made to the website and get an updated version of the template
  5. Comparing files with the updated version and the version of duplicate (old), find the changes and restore your edits.

So You 6 times will reset the changes and create duplicates.

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