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Yourshop - theme design for major Webasyst applications (Site, Shop, Blog, Photos, Helpdesk, Hub, Mailer).

Due to the large number of settings and features of the theme, You can create a modern website absolutely with any subject.

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  • You will get 23 color schemes, 42 textures for background of the website, 97 textures for slider background.
  • Ability to create any color scheme you want and also upload your own textures.
  • 18 display types of header block
  • Available more than 600 theme settings, that helps both: professionals and beginners.
  • Adaptive design. All modern mobile devices and browsers.

Theme design Yourshop has a lot of features, embedded to the template. Thanks to them You don't have to buy additional plugins or ask for help from professionals.

  • Product quick view - additional information about the product in popup window from catalog, sliders, product lists without page reloading.
  • Minimal sum order - you can specify minimal sum of the order and minimal count of order products.
  • Products per page - ability to use and manage products per page instead of lazyloading. The functionality is the same as in plugin Products per page.
  • Category logo - ability to save category image.
    Theme design helps you to use category logo in 4 ways:
    - emdedded function (free);
    - 3 popular plugins from the Store;
  • Popup window - you can output any information in popup window, that appears when you entered the site for the first time.
  • "Up" button - scrolling the page to the top.
  • Ability to change available skus from catalog page - example
  • Search autocomplete
  • Share Yandex block - buttons allow you to share products, posts, images in social networks.
    Block available for applications:
    - Shop;
    - Blog;
    - Photos;
    - Hub.
  • Slider - 3 types of sliders:
    - product slider;
    - big products slider
    - images slider.
    You can manage all sliders from theme settings.
  • Widget Facebook and Vkontakte - comments and page widgets.
  • Ability to show/hide sidebar on product page and main page of the Shop.
  • Sidebar position: left, right.
  • 3 types of enlarging the product images:
    - loop;
    - popup window;
    - loop + popup window.
  • Manage the viewed products and wish-list.
  • Thumbs of viewed products and wish-list.
  • Flying cart.
  • Manage almost all color elements.
  • 4 types of categories display.
  • Displaying of products in catalog:
    - thumbs;
    - small thumbs;
    - list
    - small list.
  • Product pages are in tabs.
  • Ability to change the place of product features.
  • Ability to display filters as select lists.
  • Subscribe forms in footer or popup block. Need application Mailer
  • Design and extra-settings for plugins 1-Click Ordering and Flexdiscount. Also templates already have additional code of Product-sets.
  • Detailed Documentation and free support.

This list describes just some of the opportunities of theme design Yourshop.

Igor Gaponov

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