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Profi.Tasty is a stylish customizable template for creating a website. It is adaptive for any device. It is suitable for a corporate website, landing page, business card site, personal project. Stylish design and lots of animation effects add dynamism and make the site delicious.

The main page contains the following blocks:

  • Sticky navigation bar (always visible). Contains website pages or links to applications (of your choice). Contact information is also available here. When scrolling, the navigation bar located under the main banner sticks on top.
  • The main banner with headlines and text. It also contains a button for smooth scrolling to the next block. The height of the main banner can be set in the settings or set to the height of "0" and hide it completely.
  • The "About Us" section contains a few words about your activities, an expression and a link to a page with more detailed information.
  • The "Portfolio" section. Post photos of your work for a bright and colorful presentation of your products and services. Each photo implies a signature and a link to the project (optional, you can disable it in the settings).
  • The "Why Us" section is your greatest strengths and competitive advantages with brief descriptions.
  • "Reviews" increase loyalty and arouse the trust of potential customers.
  • The slider allows you to present the main messages, promotions, news or advantages of the company in a compact and attractive way. It can be used to highlight current events, new products, special offers or other important information blocks.
  • "Counters" - allow you to visualize your achievements in numbers.
  • The feedback block contains contact information, as well as a form for sending a message.

The blocks are accompanied by animation effects that can be disabled (separately for each block) if you need a static display. Each of the blocks can also be hidden.

There is also a choice of the color palette of the site and fonts in general, as well as a choice of background and text colors for each block individually.

Other features

To hide a page from the main menu, set an additional parameter for the page: no_main_menu=1

To hide an item from the list of subpages on an open page, set an additional parameter for the page: no_sub_pages=1

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