Pump up your store with a Super-theme!

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Super is a premium design theme that you will love!

Boost your store's conversion rate thanks to the Super advantages listed below!

  • Valid code
    Check home page;
    Check category page;
    Check product page.
  • Fully responsive
    The theme looks great on any device - from a small smartphone or tablet to a widescreen monitor.
  • Menu for touch devices
    In addition to adaptability, much attention was paid to the menu for wide devices that respond to touch. Using the menu from a tablet is a pleasure!

    The first touch opens the menu, the second touch translates the link. You don't need to display any duplicate menu items anymore!
  • SEO-Ready
    All titles below the H1 level have been removed from the theme!
    This prevents violation of the header hierarchy!

    It will not be difficult for you or your SEO specialists to put the right titles in the right places of the content, because the theme itself does not add anything superfluous and does not violate the hierarchy! H1 headers occur only once on the page and only for the page name.

    The rest of the titles in the content are under your control!
  • Valid micro-data markup
    Theme contains few micro-data markup types:;
  • Google fonts and beyond
    The most suitable and stylish fonts were selected for the theme!
    16 fonts for base text;
    27 fonts for logo;
    35 fonts for headings.
  • 4 392 icons!
    1 534 icons FontAwesome v 5.9+

    2125 icons WebHostingHub Glyphs

    733 Ion Iocons v 2.0.1

  • Super-rich color settings

    The theme has 54 color schemes for the following theme design elements.

    Primary buttons;
    Secondary buttons;
    Top panel;
    Main navbar;
    Product cards;
  • Smart grid and sidebar
    Grid settings are available for the main page and product category pages – the number of columns (product cards) displayed in a row for three screen sizes (desktops, tablets, and smartphones).
  • Modular header and footer
    You can display only the content that you really need in the header.
    Not used blocks can be disabled.
  • Super-convenient inline sliders
    Especially nice to use them on a laptop with a "touchpad"!
    The beauty is that they can be scrolled horizontally!
  • And a lot of super-duper-killer features!
    You will be satisfied!

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