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AMP restrictions

For the reasons given below, the Start AMP theme acts as an SEO add-on for your main site,
to which the user will go from the AMP-site!

  • You must have an SSL certificate.
    Your site should open via https
  • AMP-markup.
    AMP-pages have a different markup, so the usual images in the subject are prohibited (in the editor of pages and products, they are "cut").
    For this reason, the theme does NOT support most plugins!
  • Third-party scripts are prohibited.
    Third-party scripts are all scripts that are not owned by Google.
    Therefore, the functionality of the AMP store is very limited.
    And this is the second reason for disabling plugins in theme - almost every plugin adds its own script to the document, and this will lead to a violation of AMP-validity and "departure" from the search results!
  • Forms do not work.
    The response format of the server that Webasyst sends does not match the format who understands the script AMP-forms. Therefore, the forms do not work.
    This entails the following:
    – You can not put the products in the cart and place an order;
    – You can not filter products in categories;
    – You can not leave reviews of goods and comments to the blog posts.

Despite the big restrictions, it is worth looking narrowly at AMP!
If your site does not have an accelerated AMP version, you lose up to 60% of your monthly profits.
And in the future you will lose even more, because AMP technology is developing rapidly and is becoming increasingly popular.

Stop losing money by ignoring the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages!

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