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From August 1, 2019, the development of the design theme is stopped!

Updates will not be released anymore.
Free consultations are not provided.

Universal design theme for all base Webasyst apps:
Site, Blog, Photos, EasyReviews, and Mailer!

This is first design theme in Webasyst-store which work without relaoding pages!

For whom this theme:
This design theme is perfect for sites following type:
  • Business card website
    Due to lightness and conciseness, design theme perfectly brings information about you or your company to the visitor, and will leave a good impression for him!
  • Sale services website
    Design theme contents tariff plans block, through which you can easily bring to visitors information about the price and range of your services. The standard Webasyst contact form will help to get in touch with you and order your services!
    Blog app will help to tell, that your company is up to date, and support of EasyReviews app and Mailer app will help to provide feedback with your potential customers.
  • Corporate or personal blog
    Due to easy design of theme, reading of articles on the site will give only pleasure, because there is nothing to distract from the most important thing - reading! "Back" button and navigation between blogs (if you will write articles different thematics) will give yet more convenience! And all of it without reloading pages!
    Social networks buttons "Share it!" will help visitors to tell about yours interesting article in their social networks pages!
  • Portfolio
    Beautiful images mosaic layout in the Photos app will not leave anyone indifferent!
    All photos can be viewed directly on the site in a popup window, without going to a separate page with a photo!

    The use of this design theme is not limited to this list - it all depends on your needs and fantasies!

Why you will like this theme:
  • Speed
    The theme is very fast loaded and has a high rates in Google PageSpeed Insights*!
    Other content will get without reloading page (you can disable it)!
    * Test results on your domain may vary depending on quantity of pictures, quantity of connected plugins, and your server response time.
  • Responsive
    This design theme looks great on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop! Navigation menu for mobile devices was made in one button that so very convenient to use by single finger, even on large smartphones!
  • Personality:
    The design theme uses system of two-layer background:
    First layer:
    – 47 semi-transparent background textures (which you can specify the color);
    – possible to upload your own background image;
    – possible to use slider of background images from Photos app.
    All this right from the theme setting. The choice is yours!

    Second layer:
    – solid color semi-transparent fill;
    – semi-transparent gradient fill;
    semi-transparent gradient fill with animated changes of colors to make WOW-effect to visitors!

    Because of this you will be able to choose the exact color scheme you need!
  • Color settings
    Font color, buttons color, links color, forms colors – you can easily set directly in the theme settings!
  • Width and background of content
    You can change the width of the site (on demo page is 70%), and also remove content backgound (by the way, color and opacity regulated by you in the theme settings)!
  • Typography
    16 fonts for text;
    26 fonts for headings;
    2 iconic fonts.
    Because of this, at your service:
    694 icons from FontAwesome.
    2075 icons from WebHostingHub Glyphs.
  • Support!
    In the best traditions of Weberia: All your questions will be answered!
    If you have any questions write to

Your Stylish Site is waiting for you!

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