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Up to 99 Google PageSpeed ​​points - real!

Each online store owner strives to ensure that the loading speed of his site is as high as possible - in the "green zone". A question that is often asked on the forum is site loading optimization.

You asked - we did!

Please note that the evaluation results of the demo version can be either higher or slightly lower.
The primary measurement almost always shows a lower speed than the secondary and subsequent ones.

Demo site parameters:

  • VDS virtual server.
  • No plugins are used in the demo version.
    (Even WEBP images).
  • Similar speed can be obtained in the Webasyst cloud, also with zero plugins.

It has everything that search engines love!.

  • High performance in the Lighthouse site audit service!
  • Support for several types of microdata.
    Theme supports Schema.org and hCard microdata types.
  • Heading Hierarchy for SEO Professionals!
    All headings below level H1 have been removed from the theme.
    This eliminates the violation of the header hierarchy.

    It is not difficult for you or your SEO-specialists to put the necessary headings in the right places of content, because the theme itself does not add anything superfluous and does not break the hierarchy.

    H1 headings appear on the page only once and only for the page title. The rest of the headlines in the content are under your control!
  • Responsive!
    The theme looks great on any device - from a small smartphone or tablet to a widescreen monitor.
  • Valid!
    No one error in the W3.org validator!

Features that are hard to find in other design themes.
Thanks to these features, your store will be favorably different from most competitor stores!

  • Modern design.
    • A lot of "air" (large indentation between design elements);
    • Thoughtful user interface - nothing more, all buttons in their places, nothing distracts from products and purchases;
    • Preference is given to media content (large banners, large product cards);
  • Localization!
    Want to sell abroad? No problem!
    The theme supports localization to other languages using the My Lang app.
    (the application is not included in the price of the theme and is installed separately)
  • Sophisticated site navigation!
    The navigation was made in such a way as to fit in the top panel, which is always in front of your eyes.

    This allowed us to get rid of the sidebar, which often distracts visitors from the product, and some times can “break” the layout, creating large voids on the site.
  • Cover instead of the main slider.
    Research has shown that the main slider only distracts attention from the content below, and delays the visitor on the way to the goal.
  • Scrollers instead of sliders.
    Sliders are resource-intensive design elements.
    They need time to initialize and the resources of the visitor's computer to work.
    The scroller replaces the slider, does not require resources and is easy to use!
  • Icons and Google fonts are disabled in the theme.
    Additional fonts slow down the website loading speed.
    But, if you need them, you can enable them in the hidden settings of the theme.
  • The theme will be supplemented with new features.
    Hurry up to buy a theme at the current price.
    After adding new features, the price will be increased


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