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A full-fledged modern business card site in 30 minutes. Installed on the free application "site". Fully responsive design (including mobile version) and advanced settings for working with favico, which in turn brings positive results after the site is processed by search engines. Undoubtedly, the pages of your site will not be lost in the bookmarks of users of any devices and will stand out among other bookmarks.

The main page contains up to 6 items in the carousel.
  • Option to turn off carousel slide show.
  • The frame description block (information block) in the carousel with a link to the page.
  • A single link in the information block for the mobile version
  • Single-Level Menu

Basic settings (many settings are quite useful for SEO)
  • Site Header
  • Logo for main page (PNG)
  • Logo for other pages of the site (PNG)
  • URL of the link when clicking on the logo
  • Icon for Apple devices (PNG 128x128px)
  • Icon for Safari pinned tabs (SVG 199x199px)
  • Icon on browser favorites tab (PNG 32x32px)
  • Icon on browser favorites tab (PNG 16x16px)
  • Contact details - phone
  • Contact details - email
  • Contact details - address
  • Social networks - FaceBook
  • Social networks - Instagram

Block in front of the footer (not displayed on the main page and in the mobile version.)
  • Option to disable this block
  • The ability to set the color of the text in this block
  • The ability to add your own HTML code to this block