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"Simple" is template for a site-card, landing page, corporate or promotional website. Adapted for devices of any width. Easy and clear to set up, attractive to visitors. A feedback popup allows the user to contact you in seconds. Light animation effects add dynamism to the site. The template supports the "Site Search" plugin and the "Contact us" application

The home page of the "Simple" template contains the following blocks:

  • Slider for presenting the most interesting sentences. It contains title, caption and button. The button by default brings up a feedback pop-up window, and can also be configured to use the application "Contact me", or as the link to another section of the site or any page. The benefits block is short and contains the main strengths of your business.
  • Block "Our services" - Here you can list all types of your activities. For visual appeal, fontawesome icons and short presentation are used.
  • The "About us" section - tell us about your business, work experience and development path, add an image and a button if desired.
  • "Partners" - contain logos of the companies with which you cooperate.
  • The map block contains information to contact you and an online map with your address.

In the "Simple" template, you can hide those blocks that you do not need, and you can also disable animation.

In the template settings, you can select the desired fonts and specify the color palette.

Navigation panel

The top navigation bar can contain website pages, blog pages, or your option configured in the application "Menu". For the convenience of visitors, it also contains information to contact you. As you scroll through the page, the menu bar can be pinned to the top of the screen, so the contents of the navigation bar are always at hand (optional).

Other features

To hide the page from the main menu, set an additional parameter for the page: no_main_menu=1

To hide an item from the list of subpages on an open page, set an additional parameter for the page: no_sub_pages=1

An additional parameter for the page img=URL_of_image will display a banner at the top of the page.

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