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This is a universal design theme for Webasyst applications:
Site, Shop-Script, Photos, and Mailer!

With the introduction of the new features (in new versions) price will grow !
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  • Responsive design, downloading speed and valid code!
    Search Engines rank higher those sites that are adapted for mobile devices, load quickly, and have a valid code - have no errors in the code and tested by the validator

    The theme uses a modified grid of Bootstrap 3, other Bootstrap's components was deleted, to not slowing speed, and don't disturb other site components.
    Site loads fast, looks great, and useful on every devices from PC till Smartphones.


    Check mobile friendly design

    Check home page (Mobile: ~ 87/100, PC: ~ 93/100)**
    Check product category page (Mobile: ~ 78/100, PC: ~ 92/100)**
    Check product page (Mobile: ~ 78/100, PC: ~ 89/100)**

    ** – Site downloading speed on the customer server can be both above and below.
    It depends on many factors, such as speed of response from the server, the number of installed plugins, the number of optimized images e.t.c.

    VALID CLEAR CODE, no one error ***
    Check home page
    Check product category page
    Check product page

    *** – there is no plugins in demo-version.
    But customers can use some plugins,
    which add to body of document tags <style></style>.
    This is a minor error, but this may cause warnings in validator.

  • Modern technologies
    Exciting modal popups, popup search form, load content without refreshing the page, fixed sidebar, and sticky "buy block" – it works with the help of jQuery 1.11 and Ajax. Borders, shadows and animation – CSS3 + Velocity.js

  • SEO-Friendly
    Support micro-formats and vcard.
    Check home page
    Check product category page
    Check product page

    Also, theme don't use heading h2-h6 in markup as design elements.
    Because of this, you have control to add headings by page editor and/or product editor, without destroying the hierarchy of headings and page structure.

  • All the attention to product
    The theme was designed together with the real owners of online-stores.
    The main emphasis was placed on the fact that while watching a potential buyer does not detract from the product, but at the same time, navigate product categories, search button and cart button have always been on the mind and help him navigate the site!

    Also add (via extra parameters) measure units of product.
    For example: $100 - item. Or $100 - m2. (for meter square).

  • Stylish auto-badges
    Low-price badge automatically attached to the product, which has the compare at price.
    New badge automatically attached to the product, the added within a given you in the theme settings, the number of days.

    No need some plugins for that!
    You can turn this feature in theme settings.

  • Made with Love
    As for myself! With attention to every detail!
    Also, for the "advanced" customers and third-party developers, each file is provided with comments to make it easier to deal with the code, in case of self-editing.


  • Logo
    In the best traditions of – text logo with a lot of icons from and
    And also 26(!) pre-installed fonts for text logos.

    You also could upload your own logo with Retina-devices support (smartphones and tablets).

  • Combinable spectacular slider on the home page
    You can display in it a lists of products, a promo-cards, as well as TOGETHER products and promo-cards! It can be the other way around - the promo-cards, then the products.

    You can upload a background image for each product in the slider.
    But even without the background image, slider will displays the common image with Parallax-effect (displacement effect)! You can choose from 24 preinstalled images or upload your own background image!

    In the promo-cards mode you have 4 different designs of countdown timer.
    There is feature to hide promo-card with the expired countdown timer.

  • Product sets on home page
    You can show up to 6 product sets!
    – Show set in tabs, or out of tabs. Easy to combine!
    – Each set can be appear as slider, or simple list.

    Only products and prices!
    Nothing distracts the visitor from your product.
    Product description, gallery, buy button and other elements effectively appear when you hover the cursor over the item!

  • Important information is visible at once
    Display information about delivery, payment, guarantees, etc. right in the tabs, along with the product sets!
    Now, the visitor does not need to look for the important information in the navigation menu!
    The information is loaded from the specified in the theme settings pages via Ajax technology. Possible to display up to 5 pages in tabs.

  • Welcome note and info-blocks
    In the setting of the theme you can select a location where will display a welcome note (under the slider or under the product sets).
    You can also choose where to display info-blocks (under the slider, or above the welcome-note, or after it)!

  • Product page
    "Sticky" buy block
    When scrolling the page, buy block always remains in full view of the customer, as soon as necessary, the buyer can always add product to cart.

    Two modes of product galleries
    Choose how to display a gallery of product images: slider or mosaic. Furthermore, it is possible to connect a magnifying glass effect.

    Convenient tabs with the description and features of the product
    The tabs also display reviews on this product and product pages that are loaded without refreshing the page.

    Advanced video in product image gallery
    If you do not have enough one video in the gallery of the product, which can be inserted by standard feature of Shop-Script, you can add an unlimited number of video (with additional parameters)!

    In addition to the home page and category pages, info-blocks can also be displayed on all pages of the products!

  • Social networks widgets
    Connect social network widgets in sidebar:, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!.

    All connections are available from the theme options, without installing any plugins!


  • Comfort for admin!
    When you are logged in, you become visible links to the backend system, links to open category, or open product editor in the backend.
    Now you can directly edit the product or category by clicking on the link on the site. There is no need to search for anything in the admin area!
    Feature is available without having to install any plugins!

    Also, the theme has a convenient navigation on the settings page!

  • Fixed sidebar
    Scrolling site and scrolling sidebar independent of each other!
    Categories menu and search button is always in sight!
    Because of this, the visitor is easier to navigate in your store.

    When the filters enabled in the product categories, they will also always remain visible, which adds comfort when choosing products!!
    (This feature is easy to disable in theme settings)

  • Fixed bottom cart panel
    All the important elements of online store (shopping cart, compare and favorite buttons) are in the panel, which is always in sight.
    The buyer may at any time to use them.
    For more comfort users of mobile version, search button is also duplicated in this panel.

    Choose currency logically located next to the cart button! The most popular currency has countries flag!

  • Minimalistic checkout page without reloading
    Buyer does not need to wait for reloading the checkout page to go the next step.

    Moreover checkout page has two modes of appearing: usual (as a site), or minimalistic (as in demo)!

  • Useful search form
    Now there is nothing to distract the visitors during the product search.
    When you click on the search button will appear a popup window with a large search form!

  • User lists
    Favorite. According to current trends in this list has been named "I Like!"
    Viewed. All viewed products goes there.

    You can disable each lists from theme settings.

  • Updates and new features is comming
    The theme is being improved with each upgrade!

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