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1.6.6 November 12, 2021
Fixed multiple "Parse error" error in CSS validator.
Modified file - head.css.html
1.6.5 August 18, 2021
Microdata improvement for Yandex
1.6.4 April 27, 2021
Fixed issue with the counter viewed on mobile devices in the product.html file
1.6.3 April 14, 2021
  • Improvement of the start display of the timer in the upper banner.
  • Fixed issue in home slided.
  • Fixed a possible problem with not loading the products.schema.html file.
  • Bug fix where clicking the "show more categories" button in the quick view would send the item to the cart.
Changed files in Site App:
Changed files in Store App:
  • head.html
  • home.slider.promos.html
  • home.slider.scale.promos.html
  • list-thumbs.html
  • products.schema.html
1.6.2 February 18, 2021
Bugs fixed:
  • When the compare at price was displayed in the preview of the cart, even if it was lower than the regular price.
  • Displaying the cart in the offcanvas sidebar on mobile devices.
1.6.0 February 8, 2021
  • Telegram and Pinterest icons have been added to the social network block.
  • Added the Site app block prestige.scripts_timeout for deferred loading of analytics scripts and chats.
  • Added the Site app Blocks prestige.logo, prestige. logo_top, prestige. logo_bottom for customizing logos.
  • Added the Site app Blocks prestige.mailer and prestige.footer_mailer application blocks for integrating subscription forms of other mailing services.
  • For lists of products added taxonomy.
    Now you can display not only products from product sets, but also from categories, products with specific tags, and search results.
    Usage Example:
    set/bestsellers - list of products whose ID is "bestsellers"
    category/1 - list of products from the category with the ID "1"
    tag/jewelry - a list of products that have the "jewelry" tag
    search/query=iphone – search results for the phrase "iphone"
  • Added option to customize the size of promo card images outside the slider.
  • Added a hidden setting for the number of subcategory cards in the grid.
  • Removed the grid modifier in the subscription form.
  • Optimizing links for neighboring products
  • Prevent category images from being displayed in the menu when the category id and page id match.
  • Fixed checkbox on the registration page.
  • Header ot the tags section is not shown if there are no tags.
  • Fixed a bug in styles that occurs if the radius of the corners of design elements is zero.
  • Fixing images in the categoryimages plugin integration.
  • Fixed of the restriction on the display of viewed products on the product page.
  • Correction of typos in short names for tabs with pages on the main page.
  • Added the alt attribute to the welcome image on the home page.
  • Fixed the mechanism for adding reviews when using dynamic features.
  • Fixed the issue of collapsing product categories in the spoiler on the product page.
1.5.5 September 11, 2020
  • An option to open the sidebar menu down instead of sideways.
  • A separate button for calling filters in a category on mobile devices when displayed in a common sidebar.
    Previously, in this mode, filters could only be seen when pressing the "burger" button, calling the sidebar.
  • An option that enables the following filter behavior: when you click on the show button, the sidebar with filters leaves.
    Disabled by default.
  • Support for the new feature "date range" in category filters.
  • The option to scale banners on the main page.
    When enabled, the banner image will be shown in proportions (without cropping) on any screen.
    This mode turns off all titles and texts, timers, and parallax effects for the banner.
  • A separate button for calling filters for mobile devices when displaying filters in the common sidebar.
  • "Empty" characteristics for products on the main page.
  • Notices that periodically appear when the product is re-placed on the main page (in different product sets, for example)..
  • Improved handling of the strikethrough price on the product page when one item has a discount and the other does not.
  • JQuery UI library disabled on checkout page.
    The core of the store connects the library pile. Reconnecting the library caused conflicts and problems with some plugins.
1.5.4 August 5, 2020
Minor changes.
1.5.3 July 6, 2020
Minor changes.
1.5.2 June 30, 2020
  • A panel with a product purchase button in the product image gallery in a pop-up window (lightbox).
  • Issue displaying Instagram posts in non webkit browsers.
1.5.1 June 22, 2020
  • Additional parameters hide_side=1 and hide_top=1 to hide menu items in sidebar and in top menu.
  • Fixed Instagram posts width for mobile devices.
1.5 June 17, 2020
Learn how to update theme correctly:
  • Export theme settings;
  • Update the theme in the installer;
  • Confirm the update in the theme settings.
  • if the settings are reset, import the previously exported settings.
Renamed files
The following files have been renamed in the site theme:
  • –>
  • –>
  • –>
  • –>
  • block.banner2.html -> sidebar.banner2.html
  • block.banner1.html –> sidebar.banner1.html
  • Support for dynamic features of SKUs for Shop-Script 8.11
    This option is disabled by default.
    You can enable it in the settings section of the purchase block, in the theme settings for the Store.
  • Added missing fields based on characteristics for
    – brand;
    – sku;
    – gtin8 or mpn;

    As well as the setting that sets the "expiration date" of the price – priceValidUntil (dynamic option: adding N days to the current date, and static option: a specific date).
  • Added Open Graph meta tags for the product page:
    – product:brand;
    – product:category;
    – product:condition;
    – product:retailer_item_id;
    – product:availability;
    – og:price:amount;
    – og:price:currency.
    Look for suggestions in the file head.html themes for the Store app.
  • Added the option to disable the logo link if the main page is open.
  • Added navigation panels on the checkout page (order.html).
  • Added new additional parameters for working with the menu:
    - menu_full-makes a menu with columns, full screen;
    - menu_align-text alignment in the menu;
    – menu_heading-header above the menu;
    – menu_heading_align - alignment of the header menu.
    - menu_link-custom link for the menu;
    - menu_title-custom link text for the menu.
  • added an additional canonical parameter for product categories and pages.
  • Added a glow effect for product images and purchase buttons.
    By default, effects are disabled.
    You can enable them in the theme's color settings section.
  • Support for blog plugin main image for recent posts on the home page.
  • Added a new Instagram widget without any tokens.
  • Added widget for recent photos from the Photo app album.
  • Added an alternative top menu.
    Look for the "Top menu layout" setting.
  • Added support app Menu management.
  • The "Viewed" block was added to the product page.
  • Added a setting for automatically scrolling of photos slider on the product page.
  • Added a new mode for displaying product photos in lists – "Cover".
  • Added setting the root category id for the main page categories.
  • Added a new script for popup image gallery – SimpleLightbox (you can select the old one - UIkit in the settings).
  • Visual improvement of the return panel to the purchase block.
  • Optimize loading of the Facebook page widget.
  • When you hover over an article in the form of a radio button, the cursor is now displayed as a link.
  • Added padding to the coupon entry field on mobile devices.
  • For more optimal loading of Google fonts, the display=swap parameter has been added.
  • FontAwesome Icons have been updated to version 5.13.0.
  • Removed the prefix for blocks created for the home page.
  • Removed the prefix for blocks created for the sidebar.
  • improved the algorithm for adding an item to the viewed list.
  • improved video display in the main slider.
  • Modal window: closing mode - once.
  • The last selected or viewed product is now displayed at the top.
  • Optimization of getting additional parameters in product categories.
  • Correction of login link error if currency is enabled in the header, but the personal account is disabled.
  • Error "cheating" the counter of a product viewed on the page that is missing from the list of viewed products.
  • The og:image meta tag with the store's logo has been removed from the product page.
    It has its own tag-with the product image.
  • Added text inversion above the promo card block under the main slider.
  • Fixed the display of posts in the Instagram widget.
  • Fixing styles for the order dialog box.
  • Removed the influence of sticker plugin styles on the main slider.
  • The breadcrumbs bug has been fixed on text pages other than the site app pages.
  • Fixing an error when the sidebar was not called on the shopping cart and checkout pages.
  • Fixed inaccuracy with reviews.
    Product list pages display the number of ratings, not reviews.
    Added the option to show exactly reviews, but it significantly slows down site loading.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases product reviews were not added.
  • Added a class for the plugin to work correctly salesku
  • Fixed an issue where when the shuffle function was enabled, items in lists were not shuffled.
  • file Declared for editing
  • Fixing the scrolling of tabs on the product page on mobile devices if the tabs are not aligned from the left edge.
October 8, 2019
First version released.