Will make your store prestigious!

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Prestige will make your store prestigious!
In your store, it will be easy to search, choose, and buy products!

Here are the features that promote easy shopping in your store
  • Live search, which is always one click away from the user, will help him find the right product!
  • Quick product preview.
  • Navigation through neighboring products, as in quick view,
    so on the product page.
  • Quick view of the cart in the offcanvass panel on the right.
    This makes it convenient for the customer to control the contents of their shopping cart.
  • Unique colors for your site
    24 background colors for site;
    54 colors for the main and secondary accents;

    23 colors for product cards;
    19 colors for footer!
    Thanks to these settings, you can easily customize the color palette of your site exactly as you need it!
    In light mode or dark!
  • Google fonts and beyond
    The most suitable and stylish fonts were selected for the theme!
    12 fonts for base text;
    24 fonts for headings; Special font for price.
  • 17 blocks on the home page with the ability to configure the order:
    • 4 banners with settings for fixing the background, a timer, and settings for leveling and displaying content in the banner;
    • 6 product lists;
    • promo cards (with or without slider mode);
    • product categories (with or without slider mode);
    • info blocks (with or without slider mode);
    • latest product reviews (with or without slider mode);
    • recent blog entries (with or without slider mode);
    • welcome block;
    • main page plugin block.
  • Spectacular background for product category headers with a slider for child categories.
    You can use plugin for category, or manually using additional parameters for product categories. Example here.
  • Flexible separate settings for the home page, category pages, and product pages.
    for each page type, you can configure the width of the sidebar (PCs, tablets, or smartphones), as well as the number of columns with the product for each selected width.
  • 4 modes to display filters in categories:
    In the offcanvass sidebar on the left, in the General sidebar, above the list of products (in the collapsed and expanded state initially).
  • 2 photo zoom effects in the gallery on the product page:
    lens and internal magnification.
  • Navigation through neighboring product cards.
    Both on the product page and on the category pages in quick view.
    On the product page, you can navigate either by the product's root category or by the closest parent category.
  • Button for ordering the product by phone on the product page.
    Without installing any additional plugins!
  • Modular footer.
    You can display from 0 to 5 menu columns in the footer, enable / disable the subscription form, and contact information.
Technical advantages of the theme
  • Valid code
    Check home page;
    Check category page;
    Check product page.
  • Fully responsive
    The theme looks great on any device - from a small smartphone or tablet to a widescreen monitor.
  • Menu for touch devices
    In addition to adaptability, much attention was paid to the menu for wide devices that respond to touch. Using the menu from a tablet is a pleasure!

    The first touch opens the menu, the second touch translates the link. You don't need to display any duplicate menu items anymore!
  • SEO-Ready
    All titles below the H1 level have been removed from the theme!
    This prevents violation of the header hierarchy!

    It will not be difficult for you or your SEO specialists to put the right titles in the right places of the content, because the theme itself does not add anything superfluous and does not violate the hierarchy! H1 headers occur only once on the page and only for the page name.

    The rest of the titles in the content are under your control!
  • Valid micro-data markup
    Theme contains few micro-data markup types:;

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