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2024.04.05 April 27, 2024
NEW. Added links "Write to Whatsapp", "Write to Telegram".
NEW. Added the option "your own font".
NEW. Added the option "second address of the organization".
FIX. Support for the latest version of fontawesome-icons.
FIX. Minor changes
2024.01.04 January 22, 2024
NEW. Added links to social networks in the feedback form (optional).
NEW. Added the "Darken background under text" setting.
FIX. Updated Fontawesome font to version 6.5.1.
2023.11.03 December 1, 2023
NEW. Minor improvements
2023.11.02 November 24, 2023
NEW. Added links to Telegram and Whatsapp
October 22, 2019
First version released.