Minimalistic yet functonal ecommerce theme

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Minimo is a minimalistic but functional ecommerce theme for Shop-Script.

Why you should use Minimo for Shop-Script:

- Responsive template, tested with all popular devices.
- Latest frontend technologies, including Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery.
- Tested in all popular browsers.
- Trending minimalistic black and white design.
- Fast and friendly english-speaking 24h support.
- Free help with setting up the theme.
- Additional functionality, such as scroll to top button.
- Also works with Site, Blog, Photos applications.
- Variable powerfull settings from administrative panel - you don't need to edit templates code.

Additional functions:

- Floating cart (displayed when you mouse over the cart).
- Scroll-top button (appears when you scroll down the page).
- Fixed home button (appears when you scroll down the page).
- Item count in the cart (along with total amount).
- Call me back function.
- Go to map function (link opens map in new tab).