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1.7.3 June 3, 2020
Fix button above video in main slider
1.7.2 May 8, 2020
Fixed micro markup
1.7.1 April 8, 2019
Support map PVZ with plugins CDEK, Boxbery, Logsis in checkout
Support work houtrs in Shop-script 8 or set custom
1.7 January 30, 2018
Add new block - Blog
In contact form may add Captcha
1.6.2 September 4, 2017

Improved convenience of working with the catalog on the main page

Now the theme remembers the state of the directory in two modes (Pagination and "Show all") when the main page is reloaded

In the product opening mode on the new page, the "Back to catalog" button returns the view to the current product. The theme takes into account the "Show All" mode and the mode with pagination

1.6.1 July 28, 2017
Update icons font
Some changes in pages menu
1.6 July 18, 2017
Add block FAQ
August 30, 2016
First version released.