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Bright sales of unique products!

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Bright theme for emotional sales!.

Because it has everything you need for sales:

  • Will show your product face!
    Thanks to the large banners with the effect of Parallax, and the ability to add background video.
    What is in line with current trends in ecommerce.
  • Good product selection and ordering!
    Thanks to the large display grid of goods,
    a quick search of the store, and a preview of the cart.
  • Suitable for your niche!
    Thanks to a large selection of settings:
    both in terms of color solutions, and in terms of the location and display of design elements.
  • Away with doubt!
    Do you doubt whether this design theme is suitable for your store or have other concerns?
    Don't hesitate! Buy and check out!
    If anything will going wrong – within 30 days after the purchase you can return the money by deleting the theme.
    Without any explanation.

    Send to support@weberia.ru the date and number of the order and you will receive further instructions for a refund.

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It has everything that search engines love!.

  • Good download speed!
    Download speed is higher* than most WebAsyst design themes.
    * - the speed indicator can be either higher or lower.
    the more interactive elements on the page and plugins installed, the lower the speed rating results.
  • Support for multiple types of microdata schemes.
    Theme supports Schema.org and hCard microdata types.
  • Heading Hierarchy for SEO Professionals!
    All headings below level H1 have been removed from the theme.
    This eliminates the violation of the header hierarchy.

    It is not difficult for you or your SEO-specialists to put the necessary headings in the right places of content, because the theme itself does not add anything superfluous and does not break the hierarchy.

    H1 headings appear on the page only once and only for the page title. The rest of the headlines in the content are under your control!
  • Responsive!
    The theme looks great on any device - from a small smartphone or tablet to a widescreen monitor.
  • Valid!
    No one error in the W3.org validator!

Features that are hard to find in other design themes.
Thanks to these features, your store will be favorably different from most competitor stores!

  • European Design.
    • A lot of "air" (large indentation between design elements);
    • Thoughtful UI (user interface) - nothing more, all buttons in their places, nothing distracts from products and purchases;
    • Preference is given to media content (large banners, large product cards);
    • Great attention to detail and theme settings.
      Over 900 theme settings.
  • Localization!
    Want to sell abroad? No problem!
    The theme supports localization to other languages using the My Lang app.
    (the application is not included in the price of the theme and is installed separately)
  • Great banners for categories.
    Make each category more unique and interesting thanks to these banners!

Theme features that let you sell more.

  • Live Search, which is always a click away from the visitor, will help him to find the right product!
  • Quick product browsing and navigation for neighboring products.
  • Quick Cart View in the checkout panel on the right.
    Thanks to this, it is convenient for the buyer to control the composition of his cart.
  • The Cart button is always in sight!
    When the buyer scrolls the product page to the place when the purchase block is not visible, he will always see the button "Add to Cart", which at any time will return it to the block of purchase, where he can select the desired article and put into the cart!
  • Take orders by phone!
    Thanks to this feature, customers have the opportunity to call you directly from the product page and make an order by phone!

And much more!


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