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1.5 November 30, 2018
  • New screen for theme settings according new requirements of Webasyst.
  • Support for new checkout mode for Shop-Script 8.
1.4.3 April 8, 2016
In order not to lose the changes you have made in the design,
are urged to read rules of update.
Common changes:
  • Added new holiday decorations.
    Added flags, stars, hearts and cupids, pumpkins, flowers, and easter eggs.
  • Remade logins forms.
    Now they are not hidden in each page, but they load via ajax if needed.
    It prevent validator errors and errors in captcha input in default contact form.
  • Contact form now working without reloading page.
  • Changed user blocks (Site app –> Blocks).
    For blocks flatty.user_style and flatty.footer.user_scripts removed options to enable/disable it.
    Now if block exist and not empty it applies to the theme.

    Added two new blocks: flatty.footer_shipping – shipping logo, and flatty.footer_pay – payment logo.
    Instructions are in files footer.shipping.html and in templates of theme for Site app.
  • Added anti-cached feature for brand logo and user background images.
  • Added option to hide page title in breadcrumbs.
Changes in theme for Shop-script:
  • Added options to show descriptions of the images in the gallery on the product page.
  • Added option to show min and max price for product, with different skus price.
  • Added option (on/off) to "stretch" tabs on the product page (overview, features, reviews) to the entire width of the page, if the block "buy" isn't "sticks".
  • Added option to select the number of displayed items in the category page, and the option to hide this button for the visitor.
  • Added an option for the number of lazyload products (default 2). After which appears "Load More" button.
  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases plugins of delivery in the order page works not correctly.
    Also added option to select the layout of the delivery page. January 21, 2016
Site app:

Shop-script app:
File list-products-page.html
File list-products-aside.html
File search.html January 12, 2016
Minor bug fixes
No need to revert theme to original
But revert need in two cases:
  1. You use option to hide comapre button.
  2. You need to disable library Fancybox.
Bug fixes:
  • Bug fix, because of which it was impossible to change the time of the first display of the auto-pop-up window.
  • Bug fixes of new panel with cart.
  • Fixed error, which not hide compare buttons in applications other than "Shop-script", if option is enable.
    This option moved to setting of theme for app "Site".
  • For compatibility with other plugins added option to disable library Fancybox.
  • Removed dashed line in links in mini-banners in header..
Changed files:
Theme for "Site" app:
  • top.panel.float.html

Theme for "Shop-script" app:
  • December 22, 2015
Fixes minor bugs
No need to revert theme to original!
After updating the theme you will need to update the files on the settings page of each theme (for the site app and for the shop-script app).

If you are satisfied, you can skip the update.

Site app:
  • Bugfix that appeared in the app Photo at the organization nested albums.
    File sidebar.photos_albums.html

Shop-script app:
  • Bugfix with a block flatty.logo_top on checkout page (logo didn't appears).
    File checkout.html
  • "Sticky" filters panel in product category page moved little below to not be hidden by new year garland.
  • Expanding fields for delivery and payment plugins on the checkout page.
    The empty space on the right taken away, and more information is now displayed at the bottom.
    Files checkout.shipping.html и checkout.payment.html
1.4.2 December 16, 2015
New Year's Greetings to you, dear buyers!
Added Christmas decoration:
  • 6 christmas's background images in different colors (16 in total),
  • 6 christmas's garlands (hanging in the header),
  • and christmas decoration in footer.
To access the new theme options needed theme settings reset.

  • A new type of display panel with a cart.
    Now you can select: display panel on the right side (as before) or bottom (now the default).
  • Now you can disable lazy loading of promo cards and categories images (sometimes it happened that until scrolling pages they did not look properly).
  • Fixed a bug where the color setting of the countdown timer is not triggered if the timer has been located outside the top slider.
  • Icon font FontAwesome moved from cdn server into theme folder (their cdn server "slow down" and slow down your site).
  • Added support blocks for logos and slogans (in future updates to not download them again, the instructions are published in the theme settings).
  • In the Photos app in photostream you can now hide the photos, which are used in sliders for example. To hide the pictures, you need to assign a taghide.
  • Fixes other bugs.
1.4.1 November 11, 2015
Troubleshooting update:
  • CDN-acceleration:
    – Troubleshooting connection scripts in the CDN-acceleration;
    – Removing broken links to the images (in the slider in tabs of products in home page) at CDN-acceleration.
  • Troubleshooting interaction plugin "autocomplete" plugin with the top panel.
  • At menus with drop-down menus removed icons with horizontal lines.
    Do not forget now to any menu item you can set any icon with the additional parameter icon.
  • Troubleshooting z-index on the top menu products categories.
  • At timer, if it is embedded in a slider that is located on the side of the sidebar fixed bug with apperience.
Reset settings in theme are not necessarily.
The main thing - to replace the contents of the following files.
  • Theme for Site app:
    – index.html
    – sidebar.pages.html
    – sidebar.shop_cats.html
    – top.nav.onlyCats.html
    – top.nav.onlyCats_wide.html
    – top.nav.pages.html
    – top.nav.wamenudrop.html
    – top.nav.wamenumega.html
    – scripts-flatty.js
    – scripts-min.js
    – style.css

  • Theme for Shop-Script app:
    – head.html
    – home.timer.html
    – home.list-slider.html
    – product.cart.html
1.4 November 4, 2015
First of all – re-branding.
Theme FLATTY now has name – Success Formula!.
This does not affect the function of the theme and further updates.
All inside blocks retained their names.

In order not to lose the changes you have made in the design,
are urged to read rules of update.

  • Optimized site download speed
    All possible scripts and styles are compressed and are grouped together.
    The theme of the application site is now a special file flatty.user_style.html with cheat sheets to change the theme colors manually via block flatty.user_style

  • Modal popup windows
    Were converted dialog windows that popup when the product has several articles and before the "put" it in the cart, you had to choose one of them.

    Added quick view of products.
    With Product galleries, a short description sku numbers. If the sku has its own image, then when this sku switches swith also image in gallery. (If the selected gallery mode "slider.")
    (Quick view replaces the "leaves" short description of Product in the display mode thumbs).

    Login and signup in popup!
    If desired, you can disable this option and login on a separate page.

    For those who like to organise promotions added automatic pop-up.
    It emerges through the intervals you specify in theme settings (time since visitor open site + time to re-open the window with the closing of the window for the last time). The contents of the window - the content of the page, above the link in the settings window.

    Feedback form in popup window.
    Specify in theme settings link to page with feedback form, and a button to open the window appears in the right pane under the arrow "up".

    The highlight of this update.
    Now, the visitor does not need to go out from the store page to find information about delivery, payment and/or your company. Now any link in the menu page, or in the text, you can also open the popup window!
    This option is significantly increases ease of interaction customers to your store!

  • New color settings
    Now you can change the color of accent (yellow) and standard (gray) buttons.

    Choose colors for links and links in hover state.

  • The new mode for top menuextended menu categories of products.
    The appearance of the menu is controlled by additional parameters of category that affect the:
    • the number of columns in the menu (from 1 to 4),
    • state of submenu (folded/unfolded),
    • and direction of drop submenu (down/right/left).

    "Second floor" menu
    Thise mode can extend second row of wa-apps menu + pages menu.

    In all modes added option to hide duplicate of parent link.

  • Header
    The search box is now expands when it becomes active. You can disable.

    Added option to control the the width of the graphic logo.
    And there are more options for controlling the font size text logo, depending on the width of the screen.

    Changed the sample (file top.banners.html ) for fill in the block flatty.top_banners.
    Now the mini-banners are symmetrical and aligned to the center.

    Now for the header you can upload background images. For screens of different widths can be downloaded different images.
    (This is due to the different height in different screen width.)

  • Storefront
    Added a "screaming" (main) heading (h1).
    With options to select font size and color, and background pattern for the heading.

    Timer is hide after end of date.

    Added color settings for timer.

  • Product categories
    In addition to the quick view, mentioned above, added the ability to showcase products with "magnifying glass" mode view. This option replaces the "slide out" last product image hover effect.

    Now you ability to "stick" product filter in categories.

    New mode for selection child categories in the parent category.
    Previously, there was only a drop-down list from buttons, now added a comma separated list.

    Added option to hide products unavailable for order.

    Added "autobadges" (stickers). If the option enable the product with discount has "Discount" sticker.
    Autobadge by date added to all products, was added no later than the period specified (in days) in the theme settings, the sticker "New".

    Option select exactly where to display the description of the category, the top or bottom.

  • Product page
    While browsing the product gallery "slider" added option to display the thumbnails of all images in the gallery (instead of uninformative little squares). Active thumbnail is displayed enlarged.

    Now you can add video to product gallery in slider mode, before photos or after. You can add several videos in gallery.

    Now if "buy" block is unstick the product information below is appear in full width.

    Add additional parameter dopinfo, which allow to show additional info below "buy" block sidebar.

  • SEO
    Troubleshooting in micromarkup

    From layout removed all headers (h2, h3, h4, h5, h6), except the main (h1).
    Now you able to assign the structure of headings in a text editor.

    New sample code for flatty.footer_about block in file footer.about_us.html
    It allows you to display information about your company in the micro-marking format hCard.

    Added option for hiding pages with an additional parameter hide = 1 (page hides the menu pages) from search engines, as well as a special added additional parameter hide_robots = 1, that is, without any option will hide the page with the parameter from the search robots.

    Favicon settings moved to site app –> settings How to change icon read here (sorry, article in russian).

  • Miscellaneous
    In menus added support for banner for category plugin.

    Pages and categories of products in the menus and headings now you can add icons (without having to install special plug-ins) and through an additional parameter.

    Since wa-apps menu icons are not supported, then added the opportunity to replace this menu special block of the application site - flatty.wa_apps, you should create your own and fill like in the sample in file top.nav.wa-apps.html.

    Removed call mode to restore the upper panel by hover on the top of page.

    Changed algorithm of "sticking" the top menu. Now the menu faster.

    The tables on the compare products and order confirmation pages became scrolled horizontally if their content extends beyond the screen (on mobile devices).

    Option to choose photo viewer scripts.
    Before was only Swipebox, and now added Fancybox.

    Changed style of theme settings page in backend.

  • Plugins
    Support Callback plugin.
    Support Quick products editor plugin.
    Support Product features in lists plugin.
    (To save campact view as it is, and not to overload the design and the user, product features will be displayed only when you display items in a row view.)
    Plugin Product code.
    Plugin Images like in Ali.

  • Troubleshooting
    Fixed an error when enable the CDN-acceleration
    Fixed bugs in a html-code validator found.

  • Theme for Helpdesk app
1.3 July 1, 2015
Before updating, please read the instructions below!

The main change in this versionswitch from user files into blocks of site app.
This means that in the next update your content is not lost and it will not need to re-fill!
Following these instructions will facilitate your update to the new version! =)

All you need to do before upgrading, is to transfer the contents of your user files to the blocks of site app.
Open site app –> blocks –> new block

Below is a list of files and blocks that you need to create, and then transfer there the contents of the file.
– Flatty for site: file top.banners.html –> block flatty.top_banners
– Flatty for site: file footer.nav.html –> block flatty.footer.nav
– Flatty for site: file –> block flatty.user_style –> Insert the content between the tags {literal} {/ literal}
– Flatty for site: file footer.user-scripts.html –> block flatty.footer.user_scripts –> Insert the content between the tags {literal} {/ literal}
– Flatty for shop: file triggers.html –> block flatty.triggers
– Flatty for shop: file home.welcome.html –> block flatty.home_welcome
Two more blocks you need to create, but the files will be available after the upgrade.
After the upgrade, you will see instructions directly on the site.

After the contents of the files will transfer into blocks, update themes for all apps.
After the upgrade, you need to revert theme to original in all apps. And re-fill settings again.

Now about changes!

  • The new, which will appeal to all! Floating navigation it theme settings!
    Each time not manually scrolling through a huge "sheet" setting to the desired option!
  • One more selling feature - reviews!
    You can add comments manually via the blocks of site app, or you can use to gather feedback another app or plugin.
Apps and plugins:
  • Add support for the app Mailer.
  • Add support for the app Documentation – Flatty for Norma.
  • Add support for the plugin Buy one click.
  • Add support for the plugin Social Booster.
  • Add support for the plugin Autocomplete search.
    But the plug-in works only when the shop-script app is open.
  • Into theme for the shop-script app added file itemset-table.html to use it with plugin Product-sets.
  • Added selection of effects for top and side navigation with selection of speed to effects (not working in Firefox).
  • New option in mega-menu:
    By default, the first 4 categories were deployed. Now there is the option to disable this feature.
    When disabled, all categories of products in mega menu are folded.
  • Now, the top menu is normally displayed when menu items have two lines.
  • Removed an extra space after the icon or image item in the sidebar navigation.
  • Added option to display button in text in promo-timer.
  • Added an option to hide inline sliders into tabs.
    Allowed to add up to 4 sliders.
  • Changed algorithm for product images.
    Now images will not cut, if them size are bigger than block contents them.
  • Disabling shadow effect when you hover on the product card in category (annex blog also has an option to disable the shadow effect when you hover to blog post).
  • Removed shadow in price. Add option to change price color in theme settings.
  • Add new mode for products categories. When enable parent category will show only images of child categories (if images are define).
    To enable add custom parameter: only_Img=1 in category settings.
  • Added option to change label for buy / add to cart button.
  • Added option to add text before sku of product.
  • You can now hide the service features of the products from the users' eyes.
    Before code (link) of feature add _underscore.
  • Added new custom parameter - tStyle, to change transition style for sliders in pages and category page (which was added via custom parameters.
  • Salling Triggers can now show not only in the shop-script app, but in the pages of the site app.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug with z-index in navigation, in some cases nav was higher than the required elements in site.
  • Fixed bugs cause notices in the logs.
  • Minor changes and improvements.
1.2 May 14, 2015
New features:
  • The biggest change - a completely redesigned menu (top, side and top panel with the search and login).
    Navigation now also has a animation effects (hinge out). As well as highlighting not only the active category, but her parents. That is the route traced by on the menu.
    As well as a new menu includes support for plugin category images (Unfortunately plug must be purchased separately).
  • At the request of many customers in the theme settings option appeared - show the top panel with the search.
    But if the option is "sticky" of the top menu is enabled, at the time, "stick" the menu bar goes up. And it is just like in the past version can be invoked by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner or by pointing to the top of the page.
    If the "stick top nav" is disable the top bar is always visible.
  • Now you can choose from 21 color schemes for each element of the navigation (top panel, the top menu and sidebar).
  • Define footer background and text color.
  • Define loader bar nad common links color.
  • Category images plugin now can show images of categories on homepage of store.
  • Block triggers get settings setting the number displayed (on the homepage and category page) triggers. On the product page triggers are always three.
  • If in previous versions of theme you can hide sidebar only in the product pages, but now you can hide this on simple pages too. To do this, you need to add an additional field line: hide_sidebar = 1 .
  • Now you can choose the service of social buttons. In previous versions of the service was Now add one more - from, as well as an opportunity to disable the social buttons.
  • Latest photos. Now you can choose what happens by clicking on a thumbnail: to open the pop-up window (as in the demo), or go to the page of a single photograph photo app.
  • Added support for "jumping" to the photos when selecting the item characteristics. Only the display mode slider gallery.
  • Added a setting where you can choose which pages to display in the sidebar menu: all pages of all applications or site app + open app page that a user opens.
    For example: if the user is in the store, the site displays the page + store.
Changes and improvements:
  • Now you can set the font size of items in the top menu.
  • Remove setting of display product categories in the top menu on mobile devices by select. Now, always animated drop-down menu.
  • Remove the settings select photos stretching. Now photos are always stretched and centered.
  • Improved timer. Added a function of the reset timer cookies for users with expired cookies.
    Now, when you switch the timer into a regular (calendar) mode or turn off the timer and user with expired cookies visit site this cookies are reset to prepare it for the next campaign.
  • Added new file: sidebar.custom.html – for your own content.
    Also in this file are commented code for plugins: price lists and frequent questions.
    The same code are in footer.nav.html
  • A modified field to enter the coupon code in the shopping cart page.
  • For the display mode slider image gallery products added an opportunity to enable the magnifying glass.
Bug fixes:
  • Most importantly - Fixed a bug which caused some mobile devices can't see cart.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the filter doesn't work in the categories of goods.
  • To css and js files added mark with version. To refresh the cache of these files in the user's browser with the release of the new version.
  • Ашчув errors on the page referral program and confirmation of the order, which did not allow the user to read the Terms of Service.
  • The registration page is shown to the default functionality.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
1.1 April 13, 2015
Speed improvements
  • Timer's script replaced by less resource-intensive. Previous timer ate a lot of CPU resources of the client.
  • For the same reason (large resource consumption) all css-animations (when you hover on the item card (light shade, leaving an image and brief description)) is replaced by js-animation, which is faster and eat less resources (but still eats - beauty requires sacrifice).
  • As shown practice, animation is not use in mobile devices, so there is animation is off there. Moreover, to the quickly load site on mobile devices, the second image, and short secription of Item is disabled depending on option is enabled or not.

Functional improvements
  • In all apps, a green triangle (top right corner) became bigger.
    A user icon replace by magnifying glass icon to make it clearer where the search form.
  • New mode for promo-timer: cookie-timer.
    Now you can always carry out promo-actions!
    In the setting of the theme you set the number of days until the end of reference, and for every visitor timer starts counting from the moment when he first discovered the site.
  • There is a new block – Selling triggers.
    It can be displayed on the home page and/or category pages and/or the product page.
    In the theme's setting you can mark the place where he should be displayed.
  • Subpages product now open by AJAX (without reloading the page). This means that you can make as many tabs on the product page, as you need!
  • There was a limit setting the width of the image of the goods in the categories.
    Horizontal image - width limitations, vertical - height.
    Unfortunately option will work correctly only when second images hover-effect is turn off. = (
  • Also, there is an option height restrictions of product images on the product page gallery in slider mode .
  • There is a regulation setting for the size of duplicate image in the main slider on the home page. Default - 70%.
  • Added function to disable the "add to comparison".
  • Added option to hide the status of the stocks ("in stock", "pre-order", etc.).
  • Added support CDN (utility function).
    However, if you do NOT upgrade to the Shop-script 6 and have NOT updated the framework itself, before template update, upgrade first Webasyst, then Shop-script, and only then update the template. Otherwise get an error.

Support for plugins (plugins are not included in the template)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bugs with the logo in different modes.
  • Fixed bug when selecting the quantity of goods, when the option of ignoring stock is turn on.
  • Fixed a bug where the user can not click on the link the terms of service on the checkout page.

Appeal to buyers
In the near future I plan to make a gallery of installed templates on the page about the theme. If you want to show your site based on the theme FLATTY and get extra link to your store, send your link and a short name of the store on
1.0.1 March 31, 2015
– Optimizing the site download speed by 2 times!

– Dark color scheme;

– Promo cards – new function of Shop-script 6
– Support for Ajax-filters plugin;
– Support for Category images plugin;
– Add Hide sidebar on product pages option;
– Error correction;

March 26, 2015
First version released.