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Developer October 17, 2017
- changes in mobile catalog navigation
Changed files: header.layout.html, easysale.js, easysale.shop.js, mobile.css, easysale.css October 10, 2017
- fixed products pagination
Update file: easysale.shop.js
1.1.6 October 10, 2017
- added ability to replace standard subscription form application Mailer in the footer on your
- tile the images the text will now be the color that is set in the settings of this image
- fixed mobile menu catalogue you can now scroll
- fixed the authorization link in mobile menu
- changed the function for lazy loading of products
- other minor changes
Changed files: index.html, home.tile.html, products.html, footer-all.html, easysale.css, mobile.css, easysale.shop.js
1.1.5 July 4, 2017
- added setting to enable the policy the processing of personal data in the form of feedback
- added ability to change the feedback form is Applied to the form from the application "Easyfeedback" from Easyweb. To get to the template. Write us an email to receive a link to the app
- changed the output method to viewed products on display
Updated files: index.html, home.html June 14, 2017
- fixed some issues
- compresed theme images

Changed files: easysale.shop.css, easysale.shop.js, product.js, products.html, easysale.css, easysale.js May 19, 2017
- updated and improved styles order
- added the ability to use normal img banners in the slider on storefront
- fixed some bugs
the Updated files: category.html, checkout.contactinfo.html, checkout.html, home.slider.html, forgotpassword.html, easysale.shop.js, easysale.shop.css May 5, 2017
- removed unnecessary code from index.html
1.1.4 May 3, 2017
- change layout of some elements
- change the script filter the products to fix the plugin "Seo-Filters"
- added settings for changing the display type menu for categories, hidden under the three dots
Changed fales: easysale.css, easysale.shop.css, header.layout.html, easysale.js, easysale.shop.js, list-thumbs.slider, product.cart.html, products.html, reviews.html
1.1.3 February 14, 2017
- added additional settings for the sidebar ( disable output of categories and sub-categories)
- added ability to list subcategories under the categories heading on the page
- added settings for disabling certain tabs on the product page
- added settings for disable benefits on the product page
- added settings for changing the formation of the table of characteristics of the goods using the separator
- added option to make the active tab characteristics
- improved styles-authorization through social networks
- changed the method of forming the bread crumbs in the app Store
- added option to remove the button from the slider while leaving the link
- fixed some bugs
For correct update, you must totally reset the template settings
Updated files: home.slider.html, home.tile.html, breadcrumbs.html, category.html, sidebar.html, product.html, signup.html, easysale.css, easysale.shop.css easysale.js, easysale.shop.js February 10, 2017
- fix autocomplete function
Changed header.layout.html file
1.1.2 February 3, 2017
- added selection size changes (height) product cads in category (CSS or JS)
- fixed some errors
- change styles and elements to improve usability
Modified files: index.html, head.html, products.html, list-thumbs-search.html, sidebar.html, footer-all.html, easysale.css, easysale.shop.css, easysale.js, easysale.shop.js, products.js
1.1.1 January 20, 2017
- EN version of theme added to market
1.1 January 19, 2017
September 30, 2016
First version released.