Universal adaptive design theme family. June 10, 2020
  • Improved favicon file name information format to support various browsers and web services. April 28, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Improved notice about missing products on a current page when by-page navigation is used on product-listing pages.
Blog theme
  • Localization fix. March 19, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Improved message text for customers about the use of available bonus points.
Hub theme
  • Fixed comments sorting on a topic page. January 30, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Fixed displaying of the product compare price upon selection of a paid service on a product-viewing page.
Hub theme
  • Option for authorized website visitors to edit and delete their topics. This requires additional permissions to be enabled in hub settings. December 17, 2019
For Shop-Script app
  • Additional animation during the navigation to the in-cart checkout page to show that an online store is functioning properly and a little waiting is required. November 13, 2019
Shop-Script theme
  • Fixed filter settings after the selection of a user sorting option on a filter results page. October 1, 2019
  • Shop-Script theme:
    • Option to edit the text on the successful payment information page in design theme settings.
    • Improved checkout page appearance. July 31, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Support for Shop-Script version 8.4.6:
    • Option for customers to attach photos to product reviews.
    • Displaying of recommended products on the in-cart checkout page. June 25, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Fixed updating of service cost on SKU selection change in the storefront, with services rounding enabled.
  • Fixed localization of “Add to cart” button in product sets embedded in various apps’ design templates. April 15, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • “Back to shopping” link added to the in-cart checkout page.
  • Fixed empty shopping cart icon in Internet Explorer 11. February 26, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Support for displaying of online store’s detailed working schedule and the in-cart checkout of Shop-Script 8.
Site app theme
  • Option to show brief working schedule of the online store instead of detailed schedule from store settings. April 17, 2018
  • Improved displaying of <figure> elements used by the WYSIWYG text editor for adding images. March 27, 2018
  • Fixed authorization via social media.
  • Fixed lazy loading of search results.
  • Fixed formatting of programming code snippets.
  • Transition to the version of the WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Option to edit or delete a comment added to one’s own comment.
  • Fixed image uploading during comment editing. November 2, 2017
  • Improved markup.
  • Fixed errors of adding Shop-Script products from lists published on Site pages to shopping cart. July 7, 2017
Added setting “Footer notice”, which might be useful for publishing a notification about the personal data protection policy of your website. September 25, 2015
Minor improvements and bug fixes March 25, 2015
Integrated support for CDN. Added promo cards display on the Shop-Script 6 storefront homepage. September 2, 2014
Compatibility update: support for personal accounts and user profile management. Partial clean up. April 24, 2014
@2x: Support for automatic image thumbnail generation for high density pixel displays, e.g. Retina. December 25, 2013
Minor improvements in the new user welcome screen layout. December 20, 2013
Multiple tweaks integrating Shop-Script 5.2.0 feature May 31, 2013
Minor tweaks in frontend themes CSS for better performance on iPad and in Internet Explorer May 31, 2013
Minor tweaks in theme CSS for better performance on iPad and Internet Explorer May 23, 2013
Default and CUSTOM theme improvements: 1) Minor CSS tweaks and bug fixes for Internet Explorer, 2) checkout.*.html template improvements related to handling of unexpected situations and uncommon checkout cases.
September 25, 2013
First version released.