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Profi.Creative is a stylish responsive template for creating a website. It is suitable for a corporate website, landing, business card, promotional site or personal project with a blog and portfolio. A distinctive feature is the floating side navigation panel containing the contact information and all the necessary links. Stylish design and a variety of animation effects give the dynamic and make the website attractive.

Home page contains the following blocks:

  • Side navigation bar (opens when clicked). It contains pages of the site or blog, or links to applications (of your choice). Also included contact information and links to your social networking groups. On mobile devices and in the 'Blog' application, the navigation bar is at the top.
  • Main banner with title and link. Also contains a button for smooth scrolling to the next block.
  • The "Why We" block contains your competitive advantages with brief descriptions.
  • The block "Our services" is a brief text and a link to a more information.
  • Section "Portfolio" - designed for photos of the best of your work. Each photo is equipped with a caption and a link to the project (optional).
  • The "About us" block is a brief text about your activity (with photos), and a link to a page with more information.
  • "Our features" - a brief presentation of the strengths of your company.
  • Section "Our team" - a photo of your employees with the name, position and a brief signature.
  • The block "Our Mission" - three main points, a photo and a small text with a link to further information
  • Block "Latest blog posts" - the publication of new articles from the blog on the main page of the site.
  • "Reviews" increase loyalty and inspire confidence of potential customers
  • "Partners" - contain logos of the companies with which you cooperate.
  • The feedback block contains contact information and a form to send a message.

The blocks are accompanied by animation effects that can be turned off (separately for each block) if you need a static display. Each of the blocks can also be hidden.

The theme also provides a choice of colors and fonts for the site.

The main sections of the blog

  • Top navigation bar with responsive behavior. When scrolling down, it smoothly disappears, when scrolling up, it appears. On the main page of the blog it is transparent to blend in with the top banner. In the theme settings you can upload logos and choose a font colors for the transparent and opaque panels separately.
  • The main blog page (stream of posts) has a top banner with a title (image and title are customizable).
  • Each post in the blog stream is accompanied by an image. To set a specific image for each post, use the custom 'img' parameter on the post editing page. By default, a stub is displayed - the image specified in the theme settings.
  • The sidebar contains the search form, information about the author with a photo, news subscription, block "Popular posts" (manually configured). There is also a menu of information pages of the blog and an archive of records by month.
  • The blog provides support for plugins "Tags" and "Categories".

Other features

To hide the page from the main menu, set an additional parameter for the page: no_main_menu=1

To hide an item from the list of subpages on an open page, set an additional parameter for the page: no_sub_pages=1

An additional parameter for the page img=URL_of_image will display a banner at the top of the page.

In the stream of blog entries, you can specify an image for each entry using the parameter img=URL_of_image.

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