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2024.04.10 April 27, 2024
FIX. Minor changes
2024.04.09 April 22, 2024
NEW. Added the option "background color" for each block.
NEW. Added links "Write to Whatsapp", "Write to Telegram".
NEW. Added the option "your own font".
NEW. Added the option "second address of the organization".
FIX. The display of the footer on the mobile version has been adjusted.
FIX. Fixed drop-down navigation bar.
FIX. Support for the latest version of fontawesome-icons.
FIX. Scrolling of the slider is canceled if there is only one image.
FIX. Minor changes.
2024.02.08 February 13, 2024
NEW. Added block "Direction map"
2024.01.07 January 22, 2024
NEW. Added links to social networks in the feedback form (optional).
NEW. Added links in the "Service order" block.
FIX. Updated Fontawesome font to version 6.5.1.
FIX. Minor improvements.
2023.11.06 December 1, 2023
NEW. Minor improvements
2023.11.05 November 24, 2023
NEW. Added links to Telegram and Whatsapp
2023.11.04 November 23, 2023
NEW. Added the "Order services" block. Three blocks of services with images, descriptions, prices and an order button (the "Contact me" application is required for the order button).
3.0.0 April 14, 2021
NEW. The phones in the header are made in a drop-down list format.
NEW. Added phone numbers to the footer.
NEW. Section "Portfolio": signatures are now visible on mobile devices.
FIX. Corrections to work correctly on iPhone.
FIX. Adaptability fixes.
2.0.0 November 26, 2019
NEW. Added extra-parameter for the page: no_main_menu = 1 - hide the page from the main menu.
NEW. Added extra-parameter for the page: no_sub_pages=1 - hide a page from the list of subpages (on an open page).
FIX. Fixed a bug when going to the main page using the link from Yandex.Direct.
FIX. Other minor improvements.
1.3.0 December 14, 2018
NEW. Added microdata
NEW. Added support for custom page parameter "hide_subpages=1" to hide the sub-page menu.
FIX. The headings and subheadings of the information pages are styled as on the home page.
1.2.0 November 21, 2018
NEW. Added contact numbers in the navigation bar.
NEW. Added the ability to disable block animation when they appear in the theme settings.
FIX. The contact information settings have been moved to the "General Settings" section.
FIX. Fixed "up" button on mobile devices.
FIX. Minor edits
1.1.0 November 1, 2018
NEW. Added a selection of menu items (site pages, blog pages or applications)
NEW Added "Up" button
NEW Added option "Home page title"
FIX. Minor edits to improve appearance.
August 29, 2018
First version released.