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Cat Landing-is an easy to use theme, in which the user can change absolutely everything-content, images, links, background. And make it pretty simple! You need to select the field of interest through the settings, and instead of the stub/placeholder text, make your own data. Once you have saved your changes, they will appear on your site. All actions are very simple, you do not have to write additional code. But even if this is not enough, our support team will gladly listen to you and make any changes and edits at the request of customers. You can contact us, if you are unhappy with the design, you can contact on the development and configuration of logic. The site is adaptive. It is guaranteed to display correctly on different devices. In future versions will be introduced additional functionality that will allow you to move the information blocks as you wish. You will enter different font families, the ability to adjust the size of text and images, and more. Enjoy your enjoyment!