Theme #9 "Business"

Universal adaptive design theme family

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Business is an universal adaptive design theme family for Webasyst apps.

The main purpose of the Business theme is to provide shop customers a comfortable merchandise selection, focusing visitor's attention solely on the product, not on the design elements.

Business supports traditional for modern online stores range of options: products filtering, products comparing, automated product suggestions based on product descriptions and ordering frequency, etc.

You can easy customize this theme according to the profile and content of your store. Theme settings are placed on the page "Storefront" – "Design" – "Appearance" in Shop app. Please visit the "Settings" page for detailed acquaintance with all the features.

Business themes automatically link CSS depending on a visitor's device. Supported devices and platforms: iOS or Android based mobile devices, tablet computers such as iPad, common desktop computers and laptops. The parent theme of the family, which includes the basic set of CSS rules and the common layout template index.html, is the Business theme for the Site application. All Business design themes used in other applications link common CSS and index.html layout file from the main theme.


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