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1.0.3 May 10, 2018
- Fixed bug in the floating basket with the first additions in the basket and with work on different settlements
- Added an option to choose a block display with the advantages of the company in the sidebar or in the content of the main page
- When selecting the slider "Photo from album" - you can specify a link for the picture from the slider through the Photos app
- There was an option to fix the cap when scrolling down the page
- Fixed bug in the basket with coupon and discounts
- When adding to the basket from the list of goods, for multi-article products, the name and photo in the pop-up window are added
- Setting for video in the product so that the video was not the first
- There was an option to add a banner in the sidebar
- Massive changes in the slider of the goods, including: the "Buy" button at once in the slider and another slider with goods without photos (.png), with a variety of options for individualization.
- In promotional cards, you can add the name of the promo-card itself against its background.
- Minor corrections in the goods card when displaying the goods photo on the right or on the left
there was an opportunity to add a second phone number in the cap
- Minor corrections to the display in the ordering
- Added the ability to switch the type of goods in the lists on mobile permissions: a table view and a list view
- Improved display scrollbar.
- Minor corrections to display in the filter of goods
- Changes in the blog in the navigation menu for blogs
1.0.2 February 26, 2018
Fixed bug offset greeting when viewed from the sidebar.
Fixed a bug in the category with the display of goods in the form of a list by default. Now the default view opens with a table.
Fixed a bug where when there was no blog, the category page flashed.
Fixed a bug where when there was no Photo and selecting the slider option "Photo from Album" - the main page flashed.
Fixed a bug in promo cards when choosing the color of the text.
Minor corrections in the display of the logo on the decimal and mobile versions.
Minor corrections in the category by the location of the elements.
Minor changes in the file with the settings for a more convenient kind of settings.
Minor corrections in the category menu.
1.0.1 January 23, 2018
- Added option to display the 3 level categories at the sight of "List of products"
- Added option to select the color scheme of the submenu at the sight of "List of products" - white and dark
- Added option to choose your own color when hovering links to submenus
- Minor corrections on the step of the design "Delivery"
- Minor fixes when configuring a fixed cap
- Minor corrections in filter display with long option names
January 17, 2018
First version released.