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Advantages of the Boomerang theme and introduction to the general logic of its formation Advantages of Boomerang and introduction to the general logic of its formation
Quadro-Design introduces Boomerang design theme.
When creating the design, many factors were taken into account in order to attract a wide audience of customers, the development was based on top Internet shops in Russia and Europe, in order to evoke the usual feelings for customers when navigating on your site:
  1. Yandex Market
  2. Eldorado
  3. Svyaznoy
  4. Megafon
  5. Aliexpress
  6. Amazon
  7. eBay
In the Boomerang template, you will not find any super abilities except those already in Shop Script. But different design solutions will give your store a special look simply because we showed some functions in a slightly different form than in the other templates. We have given many opportunities to customize the look of your site, but at the same time we have limited you in some ways to protect your site from bad decisions when individualizing. Nevertheless, we are supporters of the fact that the design and design of the site should be handled by professionals, so we will be happy to help each of you to together find an optimal solution for your site that will help you develop. Tips for easy customization and competent filling and design of the site you will receive in our instructions.
The Boomerang theme does not put emphasis on efficiency, the theme is designed for convenient, easy navigation and quick execution of direct store functions - purchase and ordering.

What's inside?
  1. 11 color scales with additional visual solutions;
  2. easy and optimized code tested through Google Page Speed, Google Mobile Friendly and Markup Validation Service;
  3. on computers and on mobile devices;
  4. 2 types of display of products on the category page (thereby making it easier for the buyer to choose the usual view)
  5. settings for mobile devices
  6. small design solutions to help your customers
  7. owlCarousel 2.2.1 and Fancybox 3 - ultra-light and fast plug-ins
  8. a beautiful and comfortable Blog with different displays
  9. More details and information about the Boomerang opportunity you can see in our presentation
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