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  1. Setting the color scheme of the site. 10 built-in colors + the ability to specify your own color for site elements.
  2. To display the photo publication, additional parameters are used.
  3. A category plugin is used to display categories. «Category».
  4. To display tags, a free plugin is used «Tags».
  5. To display albums using the free application Photos.
  6. Implemented standard output of comments and forms for adding comments to publications.
  7. Implemented the output in the menu of links to application pages: Blog, Site, Photo.
  8. Implemented the output in the menu of links to installed webasyst applications (Site, Photo, etc.).
  9. Implemented a change in the display order of links in the menu between categories, information pages and applications.
  10. The ability to display copyright both in the basement and in the left column under the menu.
  11. In the theme settings, it is possible to enable and disable various blocks of information.

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