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2.5.0 October 10, 2022

Внимание! Перед обновлением темы дизайна сохраните текущие настройки, согласно инструкции.

Добавлен вывод ссылок через приложение «Управление меню»

Добавлена настройки сортировки блоков в правой колонке как для ПК, так и для мобильной версии.

Attention! Before updating the design theme, save the current settings, according to instructions.

Added the output of links through the application "Menu Management"

Added block sorting settings in the right column for both PC and mobile versions.

2.4.0 April 6, 2021
To support multilingual sites, a block has been added with the ability to display country flags with links to the corresponding storefronts.
2.3.0 November 17, 2020

Before updating the theme, we recommend that you make a backup copy of the theme according to the instructions.

  1. added output of custom blocks in the right sidebar.
  2. Fixed font display error in some browsers.
  3. Added the ability to hide some pages from the menu.
  4. Fixed bugs.
2.2.1 February 14, 2020
  1. Bug fixed in the previous update.
  2. Added telegram and whatsapp icons to the social network block.
2.2.0 February 11, 2020
  1. Fixed display of the logo if you uploaded an image that is too large.
  2. Fixed error displaying the publication image on category and search pages.
  3. Added the ability to individually disable the output of photos in publications, category pages, or publication lists.
  4. Added the ability to set a title for each block in the right column of the blog.
  5. Added the ability to move your JS into a separate block.
  6. Added support for online chats: Chatra, JivoSite, Re: Plan
  7. Other minor improvements.
2.1.6 February 3, 2020
  1. Fixed displaying the site at medium resolutions.
  2. Other minor improvements to the theme.
2.1.5 November 15, 2019
  1. Removed CSS compression setting. By default, all styles are now combined into a single file and compressed.
  2. in the menu, on the pages of the Photo application, the output of links to albums is added.
2.1.4 November 12, 2019

fixed bugs in support of the plugin "Images for blog"

2.1.3 November 5, 2019
  1. Added support and theme for Hub app.
  2. added support for blog Images plugin
  3. Optimized files for higher theme scores in Google PageSpeed Insights.
2.1.2 October 22, 2019
- Fixed links to blog categories, provided the blog is not installed in the root of the site.
- added missing Alt tags to design theme images.
2.1.1 October 3, 2019
Due to the release of a new version of the Webasyst framework, the styles in the Blog application registration and authorization forms have been redefined.
2.1.0 September 26, 2019
  1. Added support for the application Newsletters .
  2. Added the ability to display the subscription form from the Newsletter application. Read the instructions .
  3. Added the ability to move custom styles into a separate block. Read the instructions .
  4. Minor appearance enhancements.
2.0.1 September 8, 2019
Исправлена ошибка, когда в публикации, изображение выходило за пределы страницы.
October 26, 2018
First version released.