PIR.Company: SMS notifications

PIR.Company: SMS notifications

Sending order messages from the site

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Install PIR.Company: SMS notifications plugin directly from your Webasyst backend using the Installer app.

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The plugin is intended for SMS notifications of site administrators and customers about orders.

Initial setup

In the "General settings" of the online store in the "PIR.Company: SMS notifications" section, you must specify:

  • "Sender ID" - "PirCompany" by default. If you want to use a unique sender name, please check with your manager.
  • "Server address" - by default - shopscript.pir.company
  • Login and password from personal account. To register in the Pir Company service, fill out the form
  • "Stop list" - in this field you need to list the numbers (separated by commas) to which you do not need to send SMS notifications

After the initial setup, you can add and edit SMS notifications in the Notifications settings section.

Setting up notifications to the buyer.

  • In the "Notifications" settings section, you must select "New notification".
  • select an event for which an SMS notification will be sent.
  • write "Notification name". For example: Order placed (customer)
  • select "Transport" - SMS
  • check the "Enabled" checkbox. Or remove this checkbox if there is no need to send an SMS notification
  • specify "Order source". The notification will only be sent for orders that match the selected source.
  • in the "Sender" field, select the name of the sender (PirCompany or another name agreed with the manager).
  • in the "To" field - specify "Buyer"
  • in "Text" we write a message that will be sent to the buyer. See the cheat sheet for templates to use in your message.

Configuring notifications to the store administrator.

Setting up notifications for the administrator of an online store is no different from setting up notifications for a customer. The only thing in the "To" field is to select "Other" and specify the phone number of the store administrator.