ePochta SMS - simple SMS notification

ePochta SMS - simple SMS notification

Convenient service to send SMS worldwide.

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It works for the whole world!

The plugin is resistant to errors format input customer number!

Depending on the region, enter the template for formatting the numbers of subscribers to the mind of the relevant regional standards. This feature helps to avoid errors if the customer has entered the number incorrectly. For Nonparsed characters, use the symbol "*". You can use the auxiliary symbols such as parentheses, hyphens, etc., but "+".

Template Example for Russia: +7 (***) *** - ** - **
Example of Ukraine: +38 (0 **) *** - ** - **

To use the plugin you must register on the site ePochta SMS and specify the settings to store data to be synchronized.

If you have questions or suggestions - we will answer you as soon as possible! Setting SMS-mailing plug-in Shop-Script

Download the guide (on Russian)