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Site Region for Site app

The creation of regions for the application "Site"

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Regions plugin for the "Site" app"

The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of subdomains linked to cities.

For example you have a website, adding,, and so on.

In the plugin settings, select

  • Key domain - the main domain that the plugin will target
  • Save new page - if this option is enabled, newly created pages in the key domain will be copied to subdomains.
  • Delete page - if this option is enabled, deleting a page in the key domain will also delete the page in the subdomain.
  • Edit page - if this option is enabled, editing a page in a key domain will change this page in subdomains.

Then proceed with the cloning of pages

In the cloning section, select the desired subdomain and click " clone pages.

After that all pages of the key domain will be copied to the selected domain

Creating variables

You can create as many variables as you want. For example, add a variable-phone or email

Each variable will be available for output to the template.

Filling in variables

Clicking on the name of the available subdomains will open a modal window where you can fill in all the created variables for a specific subdomain

Variables in the template

All variables are entered in the template using the shortcode in the desired location

Let's say the variable phone is placed in the header of the site. After that each subdomain will have its own phone number

If you need to add a meta tag this scheme will also work


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