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Block grouping for Site app

Grouping blocks by prefix

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If you actively use blocks you may encounter the fact that the number of boloks increases with time and it becomes difficult to navigate in their list.

The Block grouping plugin solves the problem of grouping blocks into a drop-down list by their prefix.

As a prefix, you can use any word separated from the block name by a dot.

For example , we have two blocks with the names photos.latest_photos and photos.all_photos
  Here photos is the prefix by which to group.
  In the plugin settings specify this prefix. If there are several prefixes, specify them with a comma.

If the block has a description, it will be displayed as the name of the item in the drop-down list.
  The styles of the plug-in provide for the display of icons of the main Webasyst applications, but for each block you can add your own icon. To do this, in the plugin settings, specify the path to the css file with your styles