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Smart search for Shop-Script

Product ajax-search with auto-loading

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Install Smart search plugin directly from your Webasyst backend using the Installer app.

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Smart search plugin for Shop-Script


Product search with ajax-loading of results. The plugin uses the standard search algorithm of the Shop app.

Dynamically displays a list of products, their categories and brands.

You can enable lazy-loading scrolling of products in the search results. Or you can customize the number of displayed products in settings.

It is possible to make the plugin worked not only in the shop app but also in blog, site and other apps.
To use the plugin in other apps it is necessary switch off «Status of frontend_head hook» plugin setting and insert in the template of your application to the end of the tag <head> the next code:
{if $wa->shop}{shopYossPlugin::display()}{/if}

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