Warranty print

Warranty print for Shop-Script

Creates a printed form for the guarantee.

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The plugin allows you to create a printable form for warranty information. Right in the printed form, you can enter the serial number for each product, as well as IMEI, if allowed in the plugin settings. You can also remove some of the printed form order items if they are not to be printed warranty.

Note: After clicking on the "Apply" button as there was no saving to the database. Simply changing the type of the printing plate from the state as in the screenshot №3 to the state as in the screenshot №4. Disappear INPUT text IMEI, serial numbers and warranty fit in the table. Disappear cons right that allow you to remove some items in the warranty card. Nothing else happens. If you refresh the page, the printing plate is still not return to the edited form.

Note 2: Delete items in the order it is possible only before you press "Apply".

Note 3: If you want to print this page using socheteniya Clavey Ctrl-P, first press the "Apply" button.


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