VK Shop

VK Shop for Shop-Script

Mass exports goods in the commodity group VK

First, create an application by clicking the link https://vk.com/editapp?act=create

1. Enter the name of the new application

2. Select the type Standalone

Next, configure the application.

First we go to the tab "Information"

1. Here we can edit the name of the application.

2. Select the group to which the application will run.

Dazhee go to the tab "Settings"

1. The application is on and is visible to everyone.

2. Open API enabled

3. Enter the address of the website from which we go to the admin panel. If you are in the cloud, then enter your address where you go in the admin panel in the cloud, but it is strongly recommended that you go to the admin panel with your_site / webasyst address. Otherwise VC can not give access to the publication.

4. Same as 3, but without the http: //

5. This field can be left blank.