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Mass exports goods in the commodity group VK

3.3.12 October 13, 2020
Minor changes.
3.3.11 August 30, 2020
Now, when manually unloading through a queue, product selections specified in categories are not taken into account. Only the selection that is selected in the interface is taken into account.
3.3.10 August 24, 2020
Changed the way of saving category settings.
3.3.9 August 19, 2020
Changing the logic of the schedule script.
3.3.8 July 14, 2020
Added old price upload. Added automatic unloading of goods from categories to albums.
3.3.7 May 25, 2020
Bug fix with upload.
3.3.6 May 8, 2020
Improved editing. Improved work with collections of goods.
3.3.5 February 26, 2020
Added the ability to disable access control. Changed version of VK API.
3.3.4 November 27, 2019
Fixed bug in the schedule script.
3.3.3 May 27, 2019
Improved php 7.3 support. Canceled accounting of the date of the last product change. Some synchronization scripts do not change this date, therefore, not all products recorded availability in the warehouse on a schedule.
3.3.2 May 7, 2019
Fixed determination of the settlement when sending goods in a single manual mode. However, if you have several groups, then in manual mode you will have to manually edit the link to the product. Or you can even remove this link from the template. it is duplicated by a button with reference to the goods in the VK.
3.3.1 April 24, 2019
Fixed errors when saving a new group. Fixed a bug in the schedule script. Fixed incorrect sending of goods on some hosting.
3.3.0 April 11, 2019
  • Authorization is now separate for each group. You can log in from different users for different groups.
  • Each group can be linked to a separate settlement so that the link leads to it.
  • Improved settings interface.
  • After the update, check the settings and login again on the export page for each group separately.
3.2.4 February 25, 2019
Slight data structure change
3.2.3 February 7, 2019
Fixed a bug with the removal of goods ended in stock. If the finished product has not been deleted from VK on a schedule, you will need to go into editing this product and click save. Then it will be added to the schedule for deletion. In the future, this will happen automatically.
3.2.2 December 27, 2018
Added the ability to create the "Buy" button in the product.

To add a link, go to the management of the community to the settings of "Products" - there appeared a new section "Button Type". Choose the item “Link to product” and the name of the button: “Buy”.
3.2.1 November 28, 2018
Fixed bug with setting up groups.
3.2.0 November 21, 2018
Added automatic export of new products on schedule.
Added setting clips VC for each category.
Added display of the current state of the goods in the VC in the goods card.
Improving the stability of the plugin.
Fix minor bugs.
3.1.4 October 28, 2018
Added setting for automatic removal of hidden items on schedule.
Removed the default group setting as misleading users. Now the group is selected automatically.
Fixed errors when changing goods on a schedule.
3.1.2 June 10, 2018
Fixed bug with updating the products on a schedule.
3.1.0 March 11, 2018
The plugin is prepared for the latest version of VK API
3.0.1 February 12, 2018
Fixed bug with incorrect synchronization of albums.
3.0.0 December 21, 2017
Added pending actions on a schedule. Removal and modification of goods in automatic mode.
2.0.3 November 19, 2017
Changed the algorithm for unloading and removing goods.
2.0.2 May 19, 2017
Fixed a bug with product collections that occurred in the previous version.
Improved work with groups.
2.0.0 April 23, 2017
The opportunity to work with several groups of VC goods was added.
Added the ability to insert in the description of the product its features.
Optimization of the plugin.
1.1.9 November 27, 2016
Added a new option with a choice of thumbnail size
March 29, 2016
First version released.