Links to the vendors

Links to the vendors for Shop-Script

It allows you to add links to vendors of products

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The plugin allows you to attach to the goods links to vendors.

It will be useful to those involved in the resale of the goods, and each item has to be ordered from the supplier or from several vendors. Not to look for every time this product, you want to keep a link or multiple links, and then in the order just click on these links, and immediately move to the desired position at the company.

Links will be visible only when editing the goods and in order. The buyer does not see these links.

Added the ability to display certain categories of users links to vendors on the product card.

The link should start with http:// or https://. The plugin can not monitor the relevance of links and does not guarantee that the product provider will be available on the same link, and that at the time of filling of the product. Plugin does not check the links.

Links will be seen in printed form on the screen, but if they will not print.


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