Search by tags

Search by tags for Shop-Script 7

Select multiple tags to find products quickly

Simple yet effective product search: a customer selects several tags to find all associated products.

The standard cloud tag allows a customer to select only one tag to find products with that tag. "Search by tags" plugin allows selecting multiple tags to make the search more precise, or more broad, depending on the settings.

How it works

Precise search

The plugin will add a special tag cloud to your storefront. The cloud will contain nice bright labels instead of ordinary links. Every label can be selected or deselected. If you click on a tag label, the plugin shows you how many products are associated with that tag. When you click on another tag label, you will see how many products are associated with both of selected tags. The more tag labels you select, the narrower becomes your search and the less products remain for you to choose from. This is how a customer can quickly find the products he is looking for.


Suppose you have products with the following tags:
— Product1: "for kids", "sports"
— Product2: "for kids", "school"

If a customer selects ibly one tag "for kids", then both products will be shown, because the selected tag is associated with both of them. If a customer then selects one more tag; e.g., "sports", then only Product1 will be shown, because both selected tags are associated with this product only.

In the precise search mode, the more tags a customer selects, the less products are found.

Broad search

The plugin also allows different search behavior (available via settings): When a customer selects additional tags, he is offered all products which have at least one of those tags.


With the same products, suppose that a customer first selects the "sports" tag and is shown only Product1 as usual. Then a customer also selects the "school" tag. With the broad search enabled, a customer will be offered both of these products.

In the broad search mode, the more tags a customer selects, the more products are found.

Which search mode is most suitable for my online store: precise or broad?

The search mode choice depends on the type and amount of products available in your store. If you have a large number of similar products; e.g., mobile phones, then precise search would be most useful for customers to quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

If you are selling rather few and very different products; e.g., gifts for various occasions, then it would be better to enable broad search to offer as many as possible products for selected tags for customers to choose from.

How to add product tag search form to storefront

  1. Install the "Search by tags" plugin.
  2. Open your store's backend section "Plugins → Search by tags".
  3. If you have several storefronts connected to your Shop-Script backend, select the storefront to which you want to add the tag search form.
  4. Select the desired search mode: precise or broad.
  5. Select the tags which you want to appear in the search form. If you have a very large number of tags assigned to your products, then it would wise to offer only some of them to keep the search form middle-sized and easy to use.
  6. If search tags will be displayed on product category listing pages, then you can select appropriate tags for each category in its properties.
  7. Enter an arbitrary caption to be displayed above the search form in the storefront. If you do not need a caption, do not enter anything.
  8. Add the following code snippet to the desired place in your design template
  9. {shopTagsearchPlugin::form()}

  10. Check how the search form appears in the storefront and try to find products by selecting different combinations of tags.