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Tag editor for Shop-Script

Tags SEO: TITLE, META, URL, Sitemap, OpenGraph.

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SEO for product tags

Supports the new Webasyst 2 interface.

+ Add META tags description and keywords.

+ Save custom H1 and TITLE.

+ Enter automatically generated H1, TITLE, and META using Smarty templates.

+ Add 2 SEO descriptions: at the top and at the bottom of tag pages.

+ Change default tag URL to a custom one.

+ Add OpenGraph МЕТА tags to tag pages.

+ Delete empty tags that are not used any more.

+ Select your own product sort order on tag pages.

+ Hide auxiliary tags, which should not be visible on product pages.

+ Add tag URLs to the common sitemap.xml file or to a separate sitemap.xml file for tags only.

+ Add extra tag clouds to product categories and the search results page. For category and tag pages, select which tags should be displayed in the extra cloud.

+ Integration with Mylang app: translate tags’ properties, such as titles, descriptions, and META tags, into other languages.

+ Improve the default tag cloud to show only valid tags in each storefront.

+ Select tags which must be visible, or which must not be visible, in the main cloud.

+ Fast search of tags with incomplete properties so that you do not miss a single property to save for your tags.

+ Enable sending of “Last-Modified” header on tag pages to help search engines register when each of your tags gets updated.

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