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Modernize your search with synonyms!

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To install free, open the plugin in the Installer app in your Webasyst backend. Free trial is available in the Webasyst Cloud only.


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The “Synonyms for Search” plugin is an add-on to the standard search that expands its capabilities. Now your visitors will definitely find the information they are interested in.

The plugin is compatible with Search PRO

How it works:

  • Add synonyms in the plugin settings. For example, the main word is ring, but you want rings to be found for the query ring;
  • Update the search database in the plugin;;
  • No more manipulations are required.

Export / Import

Starting from version 2.1.1, the plugin supports pagination and import/export to CSV

Для загрузки синонимов, создайте файл в формате CSV с тремя колонками: id, original, synonym, где: id - уникальный идентификатор синонимов (для новых можно не задавать). По нему происходит сверка и обновление синонимов, если в файле будет найдено свопадение.
original - слово, к которому задается синоним.
synonym - непосредственно сам синоним.


  • The plugin only works with smart search enabled.
  • Synonyms are assigned only to words. If you need to set a synonym for a phrase, for example, one nail, then set synonyms separately for each of the words.