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Developer March 21, 2016
Fixed a minor error
1.6.4 March 17, 2016
1. Separation basket - the contents of the basket are not included in the quick order
2. Fixed bugs
1.6.3 September 1, 2015
Fixed a minor error
1.6.2 August 10, 2015
1. Fixed bug with empty orders when product is no longer in stock
2. Added ability to disable the vertical alignment for the order form
3. Fixed some minor bugs
1.6.1 July 17, 2015
Fixed a minor error
1.6 July 16, 2015
1. Added the ability to display the button in the list of goods (category). Pattern list-thums.html
2. Added the ability to display on the order form the name and image of the goods
3. Improved plugin settings page
4. The tag <style> is now located between the <head> </head>
5. Fixed a minor error
1.5.1 July 4, 2015
fixed minor bug
1.5 June 26, 2015
1. Fixed bug with duplicate orders
2. added the ability to assign the class for the button "Buy one click" and "Order", for styling buttons
3. Separated settings button "buy one click" for shopping cart and cards goods
1.4 May 8, 2015
1. Minor bugs fixed
2. The ability to edit "The caption on button" and leaving it active for the case when the goods are unavailable
3. The possibility of changing the name of a button on the order form
4. Content editor for the "description" settings
5. The ability to add "Buy one click" button to cart, including any position in cart.html template using code

6. For additional scripts functions
function storequickorder_event_set_visibility_button_false() {
alert('Кнопка Купить в 1 клик стала неактивной, т.к товар недоступен ');
function storequickorder_event_set_visibility_button_true() {
alert('Кнопка Купить в 1 клик стала активной, товар есть в наличии ');

7. The ability to customize goal for Yandex Metrics and Google-Analytics
July 23, 2014
First version released.