Ticket system

Ticket system for Shop-Script

Simple ticket system, work with customer requests

Ticket system - a plugin for fast and convenient processing of requests of site clients.

In the frontend, a link to the ticket system is displayed in the dashboard via the «frontend_my_nav» hook.


  1. Allows you to create themes for clients.
  3. Each newly created theme is marked with a new one.
  5. When creating a topic or a new message in the subject, a notification is sent to the site administrator.
  7. The administrator has the ability to disable topics, as well as edit and delete messages.
  9. The ability to notify the client of a new message that was created.
  11. When you notify the client, the subject and message are marked as new.
  13. The administrator sees the time and date of viewing his created message.
  15. Ability to configure the recipient's mail, if not specified, using mail in the settings of the store   
  16. The amount of display on the topic page.
  18. The ability to customize styles for yourself.

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