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Pop-up notifications PRO for Shop-Script

Unlimited quantity. 16 types.14 display conditions

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Create pop-up notifications in any quantity with promotions, countdown timers, feedback forms, widgets and share buttons for social networks, videos, images, text, html code.

Customize the appearance and display conditions according to your requirements.

For more details, see plugin demo page.

To solve more complex problems, we recommend paying attention to the application Pop-up constructor .

The plugin works not only on Shop-Script X, but also on earlier versions.

Display conditions

  1. Show on element click
  2. Show on reaching anchor
  3. Limit the number of impressions of one notification
  4. Show only on the specified page
  5. Show when trying to leave the site
  6. Show only on the specified date
  7. Show only on specified days of the week
  8. Show only at specified hours
  9. Show at Page Scroll Percentage
  10. Show after a specified time on the page
  11. Show after viewing multiple pages
  12. Re-show after a specified number of days
  13. Limit impressions to mobile devices only
  14. Show until user clicks the opt-out checkbox


  • Works in all applications (Shop, Site, Blog, etc.)
  • Support for older browsers (Internet Explorer 9+)
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • AJAX feedback form (PHP mail () function)
  • Customizable for any design theme


Installed anywhere on the site using the output helper, which is available in the plugin settings.

Technical support:

  • Technical support is provided at: startwebsite@mail.ru
  • Working hours (Moscow time): 10:00 - 18:00
  • Technical support includes: setup advice, answers to questions about the plugin, plugin customization according to your instructions
  • We will be glad to hear your: wishes, ideas, comments on the plugin


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