Colorful snowfall

Colorful snowfall for Shop-Script 7

Beautiful multicolored effect of snow for the site

If you need a certain color or shape in the pre-existing heart or flakes - write about it in support. The color will be added in the near update.

Experiment with the values of color, size, shape and speed of falling objects. This will allow you to achieve the perfect combination of your site and the festive mood!

Features plug-in:
  • NEW! Ability to select from previously created hearts
  • Ability to select from previously created snowflakes
  • Setting the number of objects on the screen
  • Setting the range of object sizes
  • Setting the speed range falling objects
  • Ability to enable shadows for objects
  • The ability to set the color (for snowflakes)
  • Choice of forms (for snowflakes)

Presentation features plug

Presentation of snowflakes

Presentation of hearts NEW!

The plugin is compatible with other applications.
Simply add a file head.html the required application the following line:
{if $wa->shop}{shopSnowwwPlugin::head()}{/if}

Support paid version is carried out before 12.15.2017

Support the free version is not performed.

Free version introduced 15/12/2016