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Short videos and pictures on your website!

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Stories (stories) have become a real trend in the largest social networks and are becoming more and more popular. Many large online stores are already actively introducing this feature themselves. They are convenient because by posting short videos and photos, you can tell your visitors about the latest news, promotions, discounts and new products in your store. Thus improving the behavioral factor, and this in turn increases the conversion of your store.

With the "Stories for the site" plugin you can create any number of stories and place them anywhere in the "Store" application. The way the plugin works is very simple. Clicking on the preview opens a full-screen window with an image or video, and switching stories is carried out with the usual swipe or dragging the mouse. See our demo site for examples.

It is also very easy to create content for stories, you do not need any knowledge of web design, use special sites with many ready-made templates for different topics of stories. Examples of such sites:,

The plugin works not only on Shop-Script X, but also on earlier versions.

This plugin belongs to our series of "Frontend" plugins if you prefer to customize the appearance of your site, check out the other plugins in the same series: Start Slider , Promo cards


  • Support for older browsers (Internet Explorer 10+)
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Pure JavaScript without any dependencies
  • Multi-vitrine


Install anywhere in the Store application using the output helper, which is available in the plugin settings.

Technical support:

  • Technical support is provided at:
  • Working hours (Moscow time): 10:00 - 18:00
  • Technical support includes: consultations on configuration, answers to questions about the plugin, configuring the plugin according to your request
  • We will be glad to hear your: wishes, ideas, comments on the plugin operation


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