Searching the empty fields

Searching the empty fields for Shop-Script

Search the empty and not completely filled fields

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2.2 December 23, 2015
Improved search unfilled characteristics of a product, you can select multiple fields to search.
Added search, no description of the image.
Improved design plug-in settings.
2.0 November 19, 2015
- correction of mistakes
- improvements of algorithm of "Product URL error"
- search of goods without images
- goods with number of the image of more than N pieces
- goods with number of the image of less than N pieces
- search of images size of the more or less pixel
0.1.2 October 27, 2015
Added opportunity to disconnect indicators quantity of empty fields, accelerates downloading of the "Product" page. It is recommended if you have many goods or the hosting is loaded.
After updating the indicator quantity of empty fields will be switched-off, in settings of a plug-in you will be able to include.
0.1.0 September 20, 2015
- the algorithm of search of an error of URL of goods is updated
- the improved general search, at a category choice a plug-in looks for the empty and not filled fields only on this category
September 7, 2015
First version released.