Searching the empty fields

Searching the empty fields for Shop-Script

Search the empty and not completely filled fields

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The plug-in looks for empty and are not completely filled Product fields. You can look for the empty fields or fields which are partially filled, but with smaller contents of the text. For search, you establish the minimum quantity of symbols, a plug-in, will find all goods with this or smaller number.

Setting the plugin

After installation, by default the plug-in looks for completely empty fields, on the page editing goods will appear possibility of search. At a choice of a category of product, for convenience, search only in this category. Changes of parameters of search, having specified the minimum quantity of symbols in this the parameter of search it is possible in settings of a plug-in.

In setting of a plugin, it is possible to specify the mode of each parameter of search: Auto, On, off. The "Auto" mode if search in this parameter found nothing, is this field won't be displayed on the page editing goods.

The plug-in carries out search:

  • Product name
  • Summary
  • Page title (<title>)
  • META Keyword
  • META Description
  • Description
  • Available Product
  • Not available for purchase
  • Hidden items
  • Goods without name SKU
  • Goods without code SKU
  • Duplicated the SKU
  • Feature of goods it isn't specified
  • Absence subpages
  • Lack of the recommended goods
  • No comments
  • Errors URL Product
  • Product Type Not Set
  • Goods without categories
  • Images
  • The image in product is absent
  • Number of images in product more: (piece
  • Number of images in product less: (piece)
  • Search of images the size to
  • Search of images the size more
  • No description image

In version 2.0, added opportunity to check existence of the image on a site hosting. In case of absence of the image all information will be written down in a log file (seacffproducts.check_image.log). It is possible to look at a log file through the appendix of Logs or in folder /wa-log/shop/plugins

In version 2.2, added "No description image", updated "Product Features it is not specified" - a plug-in settings, select the feature for the search is not filled with values, if the earlier search was carried out for only one characteristic, you can now select multiple (see screenshot # 2 - section "Product Features it is not specified").


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