Scroll up

Scroll up for Shop-Script

Button to fast scrolling the pages of the store.

Rid your customers from having to turn the scrolling !
Plugin "Scroll Up" button adds to the page scroll quickly . By pressing this button, the page scrolls smoothly your top .

Button is added to all pages of the store. It becomes visible when you scroll down the page and disappears when the page is scrolled up to the top .

Choices presented 4 shaped buttons , each performed in 6 colors. If you want to have an individual scroll button settings page allows you to specify URL- address of your image.

Settings :
  • Enable / disable plugin
  • Color arrows . You can choose the following color options : black, blue, green , yellow, orange, red .
  • Size button. There are three options : 64x64 , 100x100 , 128x128 .
  • Form arrow. Here you can select the button's appearance : standard arrow with rounded edges, round button or Nook ( the screenshots presented all four forms). If you want to specify the URL of your own image , select the form as "arbitrary".
  • Image Address. If you have chosen an arbitrary shape buttons to enter in this field URL- address of your image. In this case, the field "Size" and "Color Arrows" are ignored (for example an arbitrary image - at the last screenshot ).