Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner for Shop-Script

Barcodes for online store and trade point

To reduce possible errors when scanning a barcode , you can limit the minimum length of the barcode, in this case all barcodes shorter than the specified value will be ignored.

If your barcode scanner is configured in such a way that it adds a technical symbol after the received barcode value, then specify this symbol in the plugin settings so that it is not taken into account.

Set the volume of the signal that the plugin plays when the item is successfully added to the order or when an error is detected.

Specify the action to be taken if several products / PLUs are found on the scanned barcode:
     return an error;
     select the article with the smallest ID;
     select the article with the largest ID.

Tick if you want the barcode search field to be cleared after selecting the desired option.

Tick if you want the product barcodes to be displayed when viewing and printing the order.