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301 Redirect at change of URL for Shop-Script

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At change of the address of the page of goods or a type of goods, the plug-in automatically creates readdressing (redirect 301) the old address of the page (url) to the new address of the page (url).

At change of the address (url) of goods, the plug-in creates at once some rules of readdressing (a redirect 301), readdresses readdresses the page of goods, the page with responses of goods and the subpage of these goods.

After readdressing installation (a redirect 301), search robots will receive a signal that the page moved to the new address which needs to be considered the basic now, and on it indicators from the previous address (url) "it is transferred". Users will also be to be redirected to the new address.

Besides, in settings of a plug-in it is possible to create manually rules of readdressing (a redirect 301).

Attention! The plug-in automatically doesn't create readdressing at change of the address (url) of text pages. Rules can be registered in settings of a plug-in.


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