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1.2.2 December 4, 2019
Added a setting that allows you to enable opening links to products in a new browser tab (adds the attribute target = "_ blank" to links)
1.2.1 November 27, 2019
Fixed a bug with quotes in product URLs
1.2.0 August 5, 2019
1. Several bugs fixed

2. Added the ability to disable certain products in notifications. To do this, add the additional parameter salesnotes_plugin_prevent=1 to the product

3. Added new settings:
 - 'Show only in-stock products'
 - 'Show only for new customers who don't still have orders'
 - 'Default name' - the default name that is shown when there\'s no customer firstname
 - 'Random name' - if you don't want to show your real customers' names, just add random comma separated names and use {{random_name}} in the note template
 - 'Maximum delay time for the randomize option (sec)' - maximum delay time in seconds when the previous randomize option is turned on

4. New options in the notification template:
 {{random_name}} - random customer firstname
 {{items_count}} - order items count
 {{order_total}} - order total
 {{order_total_string}} - order total with currency
1.1.1 May 15, 2019
- Disabled display of products hidden from the store

- Added "Random create datetime" setting, allowing generate the checkout time within the last N seconds

- Minor bugs fixed
1.0.7 February 20, 2019
A few bugs were fixed

Added new settings:
- Ability to hide the line with the time of ordering
- Ability to display orders completed in the last few seconds
- Ability for users to turn off notifications
1.0.3 January 28, 2019
- Added a setting that allows you to show orders only from the current storefront

- Added new types of notification design
January 25, 2019
First version released.